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Neil deGrasse Tyson Speaks On How Politicians ‘Cherry-Pick’ What They Want From Science (Video)

Come here kids politicians. Uncle Neil is NOT happy with you. Stop abusing the science. Matter of fact, if you aren’t gonna use it right, DON’T TOUCH IT!

Science is often the topic of heated debates between politicians, but Neil deGrasse Tyson really dislikes it when politicians do this one thing when it comes to science.


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Politics: Ed Asner Takes Less Than 9 Minutes To Explain Things To The 99% In This Animated Piece (Video)

Incredible work… incredibly infuriating to some politicians and the super-rich (oh well)… by legendary actor Ed Asner. C’mon son. Why you mad though? Asner was the voice of mega-wealthy Ed Wuncler on ‘The Boondocks.’ He’s one of you. Maybe it’s the truth in it all that is hurting you. A plain talk explanation of why things are currently f####d up with the U.S. economy, who’s really to blame, who’s enabling them (looking at you, money-grabbing politicians), and who is fed up with it all. All in a Schoolhouse Rock sort of animated clip (no music though).

Ha! Bet some folks on ‘Capitol Hill’ were shouting some ‘Interjections’ when they saw this. You know, some of them could lose their jobs this coming Tuesday (go vote)!

(And watch for Mr. Asner’s explanation of ‘Trickle Down Economics’…)

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Republican Senator In Illinois Reads Quotes From Raekwon From The Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

Senate Republican Leader Christine Radgono, a state senator in Illinois, reads a few quotes from Raekwon Of The Wu-Tang Clan & also quoted Rae’s lyrics to the song ‘C.R.E.A.M.’. Dolla Dolla Bill Yaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll. Yeah!! This is hilarious! Wu-Tang Is For The Children! Wu-Tang Is For The Children! Hahaaa! Classic.

Uncle Luke Appears On CNN Campaigning For Mayor Of Miami (Video)

Uncle Luke is trying to make it official on May 24th when Miami goes to the polls to vote for their new mayor. With the wild & crazy past that Luther Campbell has led & small amounts of fundraising dollars he’s seriously facing an uphill battle in winning. Rap Radar captured the complete interview with CNN under the hood….

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