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Conor McGregor’s Lookalike Fooled Many Fans At Times Square In NYC (Video)

Wow. Well, depending on how this ‘super fight’ turns out, this Conor lookalike could be really happy or sad with all this fanfare. Crazy the resemblance (sorta) and reactions though (definitely). Check out the clip above.

I was told on many occasions that I look very much like Conor McGregor, and, one day, I dared to baffle Los Angeles with a sudden appearance of the ‘UFC star.’ The news about Conor’s doppelganger made a lot of noise in the world of UFC and hit the headlines of major sources. So, today we are taking New York out for a spin, which turned out to be even more combustible than LA. We are big fans of Conor’s, and these pranks are dedicated to his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather. We wish him nothing but victory, health, and continuing domination over his rivals.
Islam Badurgov

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Comedy: Any Man Would Rub Lotion On Her Back, But What About Her Front? (Video)

Hahahaaaa! How’s the song go? Aw no HELL NAW… y’all done up & done it! Seeing the hot sunbathing Honey, stepping over to her lightly and politely, and SHE asks YOU to rub some more shiny on her, back and front… what would you do? Damn right you would. But when she…

NOPE! You watch for yourself, and tell us what YOU would do.

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Comedy: Sean Price Gets His ‘Tyrese’ On… Singing On The Bus (Video)

Aaaahahaaaa! At least some of you remember how we were introduced to R&B’er, podcaster and actor Tyrese right? Noooo, not in “Baby Boy”… He was singing on the bus in the Coca-Cola commercial way before that. Well, Sean Price remembers. And with Tyrese going back on public transit to sing and promote his “Black Rose” album, P! likely felt it was time for him to do some piggyback promo (or just act a damn fool, same difference) for his “Songs In The Key Of Price” album (due out August 21, 2015).

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Comedy: Papoose Pranks Aspiring Rappers (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Okay, this was cruel AND funny at the same damn time. Pap surprised up-n-comers Doc Nice, S-Class, Big Tyni, and Lord Kas at the studio; then in the booth. They were recording, trying to get out there. And here comes the diss king throwing shots through the mic at them…totally unexpected. Caught ’em raw. Watch the clip. Watch their faces. HEAT!

Yeah, if the prank went on too long it would have gone from remixes to mixing it up with a couple of the rappers and Pap (maybe… got some apologies when he fronted ’em though… wow).


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Comedy: Uldouz Wallace Giving Out Free Hugs (Video)

Seems like just yesterday we were talking about Uldouz Wallace’s fine azz. Oh, it was yesterday. Hmm… well we did say she was sexy AND funny, right? Proof positive here. This hug prank is hilarious… the Uldouz setup, then the pastel shorts-clad huggers ‘stalking, surrounding and pouncing’… you’ll crack up.

And there’s Uldouz in a bikini. Life is good!

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Chainsaw-Wielding Prankster Scares People In Parking Garage (Video)

Talk about a horror movie in real life (and we will, right now)!

Breathe. It’s a prank. Breathe. Nobody. Died.

(Breathe. But don’t try this prank in a stand-your-ground state with no camera crew… your SAG card will double as a toe tag… baaahahaaa!)

Internet pranksters Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Nick Santonastasso send hapless passersby breaking the f#ck out (like you holler at folks in horror movies to do) when they come across a scene of murderous gore. The worst nightmarish 1-8-7s in progress

Its that time of the year again… I decided to team up with Nick Santonastasso to help me pull this brutal prank…This is definitely one of my favorites.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Kinda mad that nobody thought about a rescue via vehicular manslaughter (um…meaning… hit that muthaf##ker with the car) though. Ha. And no smartphones? (Not to call for help; to cam and Instagram… c’mon, not one? Hahaa.)

Oh well, Happy Halloween everyone!

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Comedy: Bust A Nut (Video)

Coming to a ‘hood near you. One man, one hammer, one question… You wanna help him ‘bust a nut?’ What??? Maybe you thought that was a Kevin Hart thing going. Well, um, actually… a few folks responded to this prankster ‘asking’ if he ‘wanna go night-night’ (in a manner of fistocuffs speaking).

Haa haaaa! You have to admit. It’s funny to see a prank go off well; funnier still to see it go horribly wrong, with the prankster getting a well-earned azz whuppin! Some folks you don’t play with. See which folks when you play the video above.

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