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Young Buck – “2019 Unrap” (Uncle Murda x Star x 50 Cent Diss)

Interesting. I actually did not pay much mind to the Buck shots in “Rap Up 2018” and such, rather the shots at Young Buck. But Buck did. And the shots came back!


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That Time Roxanne Shante Ran Up On KRS-ONE Over ‘The Bridge Is Over’ Diss (Video)

Really? BDP wanted to be in the Juice Crew? Hmmm. Kinda got me *sideeye* over here hearing that…

But, Roxanne Shante has the mic. So we gotta respect it. ‘The Bridge Is Over’ …but the talk about the legendary beef, by the legend that got dissed… that wasn’t over… by a long shot! Got squashed though.

Roxanne Shante spoke openly with VladTV about the beef that started between The Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions, which spawned the classic diss track, “The Bridge is Over.” Shante went on to explain how she even stepped to KRS One a few weeks after the track was released when she ran into him at the bank. Watch the interview footage above.
DJ Vlad


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Remy Ma – “ShETHER” (Nicki Minaj Diss)

So, Hip-Hop Nation, how was the weekend? Anything interesting go down. Any beef get flame-broiled? Hear anything pop off.

Just kidding. Here’s that “ShEther” dissing Nicki HARD over that Nas “ShETHER” instrumental. with Remy Shots heard ’round the world. Hell no. Remy with the sh!ts heard ’round the Hip-Hop world!!! A little slick Twit talk and THIS is the response??? WHEW! Do they REALLY want it with Remy Ma? Wonder what we’ll hear from Nicki though. And any ‘counter diss’ will NEED to be DIRECT. Subliminal is OVER! Remy called Nicki by name and went IN on her, her family, her exes, dragged in some associates…scorched the earth!

What now from Nicki? Spit back? Or maybe ‘buys over bars’ will be the response. Nicki does have big sales numbers. Really don’t think that is the way to respond here (Rem went there in the track already). Say everything or say nothing… just an opinion/prediction.

(Hit the jump for some of what is believed to have brought this on.)


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Redman Speaks On Beef Being More Aggressive Back In The 90s, MC Hammer Confronting Him And More (Video)

Social media has changed music in general, including how rappers beef nowadays. Back in the 1990s, if beef was real, rap dudes came to SEE you and get it on strong! Redman comments on how social media gives artists a chance to start, then settle, beef before it gets physical. He quickly follows up that overall, it is a good thing that artists don’t have to get violent nowadays. BUT… he does recall how real beefing can get. MC Hammer let Red know back in the day.

Speaking [about] rap beef, Redman shared a story about the time MC Hammer confronted him at the taping of the last Yo! MTV Raps episode over his diss on his debut album. Redman pointed out that MC Hammer is very serious about beef, adding that he knew the “2 Legit 2 Quit” rapper wasn’t messing around when he stepped to him at the show.
DJ Vlad

Haha! Red is hilarious, but speaking realness. Great clip!

(Yes, sir! The 3-5-7, too. Baaahahaaa!)

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Comedy: Freddy Krueger – “Back To Back” (Video)

Hit him with the razor glove… slash and slash!
Freddy Krueger

Halloween gone HAM! Freddy Krueger got tired of the tweet beef Jason was slinging and decided to COOK that sh!t! Maaaan, Freddy jumped on Drizzy’s “Back To Back” track to dead that. Happy Halloweezy, mu’fu’huh!!

This is simply for the enjoyment of seeing Freddy diss Jason Voorhees’s bitch ass.
The Merkins


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Comedy: Papoose Pranks Aspiring Rappers (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Okay, this was cruel AND funny at the same damn time. Pap surprised up-n-comers Doc Nice, S-Class, Big Tyni, and Lord Kas at the studio; then in the booth. They were recording, trying to get out there. And here comes the diss king throwing shots through the mic at them…totally unexpected. Caught ’em raw. Watch the clip. Watch their faces. HEAT!

Yeah, if the prank went on too long it would have gone from remixes to mixing it up with a couple of the rappers and Pap (maybe… got some apologies when he fronted ’em though… wow).


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LMS – No Jeggings (Lil Wayne Diss)

No Jeggings artworkMiami-Dade’s LMS (Lyrical ManSlaughter, Last Man Standin, Light-Minded Souldier) kills on stage… and in rap battles. Good for us listeners; but bad (very bad) for his the next target. Next target: Lil Weezy. Lyrical shots fired – “No Jeggings!” The Lil Wayne vs. Miami [Heat] saga continues… Check out the blazer below.


Cassidy – “Diary Of A Hustla” (Meek Mill Diss?)

Twitter was all abuzz about the escalating issues between Cassidy & Meek Mill. In a recent interview Cassidy gives his side about how it all started & more information on the “Diary Of A Hustla” track he released on the web below following his spat with fellow North Philly rapper Meek Mill.


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Diggy Simmons – “What You Say To Me” (J. Cole Diss)

Apparently this new song Diggy Simmons dropped today was in response to what he perceived as a diss on J. Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” song that was released a few weeks back. I honestly don’t believe what J. Cole said was a diss aimed at Diggy Simmons at all. I’d bet money that J. Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” was really going at Jay-Z & Kanye West who didn’t put him on tour with them while he had a new album coming out. J. Cole may never admit it for ‘business reasons’, but I’d put $100 on that theory. Now let’s remember it’s April Fool’s Day so it’s still very possible that this so called escalating ‘battle’ is really a joke & publicity stunt. Diggy’s debut album under performed sales-wise recently & ironically the album should have had more songs like these instead of him possibly listening to his team who appears to have been pushing him to go “pop” too fast with the “copy & paste” formula without building on the talent he does genuinely possess. Like I said before….It’s April Fool’s Day so it maybe all over tomorrow.

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Common Confirms that ‘Sweet’ Was A Diss Towards Drake (Video)

I said it early on my radio show a few weeks back that the song “Sweet” on Common’s newly released “The Dreamer, The Believer” album was dissing Drake & now Common finally confirms it in his interview with Sway on Sirius XM radio. I believe it all started with Drake’s song “Marvin’s Room” & Serena Williams dancing on video at Drake’s crib.  If you’ve been out of the loop Serena Williams & Common have had a very public relationship.  Apparently I’m not the only one who saw this coming as most people are blaming Common for provoking this so-called “Beef”….

Ludacris – Bada Boom (Video)

Ludacris drops a new video for his diss record aimed at Big Sean & Drake who had been taking not so subtle shots at him a few months back. Luda is nice with his pen game & honestly I’d be surprised if they responded lyrically, but then again some people tend to be turned off by lyrical battles. Not me though…