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SNL’s “Screen Guild Awards” Nominees All Have One Thing In Common (Video)

Baaahahaaaa! Saturday Night Live nailed it once again. Watch above, and watch who you play this around. Not ‘watch’ as in ‘be careful’… but watch them. If they are laughing with you, they’re crew. But if not, maybe that slice of truth cut too deep for them.

Some may watch and exclaim, “Aw c’mon. That’s ridiculous!”

They’re right. It is. That’s why they did this spoof sketch #OscarsSoWhite

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Comedy: Fans That Booed Kristaps Porzingis Suffer The Payback Today (Video)

Hahahaaaa! Betcha they wish they hadn’t booed when Porzingis was drafted now. Guess it’s okay for the early haters to hop on the bandwagon like they knew the Latvian baller would be all that to the Knicks, right?

Well, okay as long as we never find out who they are. Don’t let yourselves get caught out there boo-boos. Or you could end up taking a walk of shame… shame… SHAME!


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Comedy: Mike Epps Gives Action Bronson ‘The Ghostface’ (Video)

Baaahahaaa! Okay, ‘Day-Day’ is stupid!

“…don’t ask for no more of my donuts…NONE OF THAT SH!T…You’re like a big red leprechaun…you ate my snacks, Action…you done f#cked up…”

Mike Epps lampooned the beef-with-Bronson video Ghostface Killah posted weeks ago (in response to off-handed remarks Action Bronson made during an ESPN guest appearance). That was awkward. This is hilarious!

(More silliness after the jump.)

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Comedy: Sean Price Gets His ‘Tyrese’ On… Singing On The Bus (Video)

Aaaahahaaaa! At least some of you remember how we were introduced to R&B’er, podcaster and actor Tyrese right? Noooo, not in “Baby Boy”… He was singing on the bus in the Coca-Cola commercial way before that. Well, Sean Price remembers. And with Tyrese going back on public transit to sing and promote his “Black Rose” album, P! likely felt it was time for him to do some piggyback promo (or just act a damn fool, same difference) for his “Songs In The Key Of Price” album (due out August 21, 2015).

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Comedy: Princess Leia Gets “Street Harrassed” (Video)

Have you seen that girl walking the streets who was continually sexually harassed on YouTube? Whether you have or not, this spoof’ll be funny to ya.

So… You think it’s easy? Leading a rebel force against an intergalactic empire? Hmmm? Sometimes you gotta get away from it all; take a stroll to clear your head… in your sexy white getup… and those hot hair buns…

Okay, can we all agree Princess Leia was just asking to get harassed walking the city streets alone in that out fit?

Well, she wouldn’t be ‘alone’ for long. Check out the suited-up suitors trying to holler at her majesty. Star Wars: Baby Got Back (sorta… we guess… really didn’t get a good look… hahaa)!

[And for any who found a way to get offended watching this: Two things we will not stand for… sexual harassment AND folks who cannot take a f#ckin’ joke… you suckazzz!]

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Comedy: Affion Crockett Parodies Drake’s “Headlines” (Video)

Affion Crockett parodies Drake’s hit record “Headlines” with “HeadVines”…awww mannn! HILARIOUS!!!
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Comedy: President Obama On Death Of Osama Bin Laden Spoof (Video)