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Naomie Harris Is “Black And Blue” And On The Wrong Side Of The ‘Thin Blue Line’ (Trailer)

These streets are a war zone.

True that. And this movie is true to that. We know that ‘boys in blue’ can leave the boys in the hood “Black And Blue.” However, this ain’t quite that, esp. for Naomie Harris. It can get really real [dangerous] when those in blue are Black… and up against their own. Edgy, nail-biting trailer!

(And wow! Black Lightning’s Nafessa Williams AND Marvel’s Luke Cage’s Mike Colter AND Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Frank Grillo are in this, too? Screen action veterans, all across the sci-fi comic hero universes!!)

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Ludacris And Tyrese Speak On Recent Media Controversies, The Latest ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie And More (Video)

Ha! Pepsi AND Bill O’Reilly are both under fire, and they both dissed the sh!t out of Ludacris back in the day. Now Luda is doing pretty damn good… and they are NOT! Ohhhhh, success is the BEST revenge!

Tyrese & Ludacris keep it all the way 100 in The Breakfast Club studio, talk new music, “Fate of the Furious” & More.

And coming for Tyrese about weave, fake butts and such is not the best move. His rebuttal game is on point. Maybe don’t hate on a dude solely for expressing opinions and living life. He is not your boyfriend, nor is he feeding you or your fam.

(But they are gonna go all the way up to a 10th ‘Fast & Furious’ movie though? Whoa.)

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Tyrese Speaks On Your Favorite Artists Using Ghostwriters, Donald Trump, & Political Puppets (Video)


The Fate Of The Furious (Trailer)

Have you SEEN the new Fast & Furious sequel (“The Fate of the Furious”) trailer? More to the point, have you spent the requisite amount of time hollering at the screen as the trailer played like, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SHEEEEEEIIIIIIT!!” yet? Because that is what this is. Looks like some mighty fine buttery popcorn watching. RIP to Paul Walker, but fans ought to wonder if Brian O’Connor (or his memory) will somehow ‘bring Dom back’ to the family.

DOPE trailer. Watch!

(New evil cute chick spotted! And don’t you wanna see a Jason Statham vs. Dwayne Johnson vs. Vin Diesel three-way scrap… or is that just us??)

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Comedy: Sean Price Gets His ‘Tyrese’ On… Singing On The Bus (Video)

Aaaahahaaaa! At least some of you remember how we were introduced to R&B’er, podcaster and actor Tyrese right? Noooo, not in “Baby Boy”… He was singing on the bus in the Coca-Cola commercial way before that. Well, Sean Price remembers. And with Tyrese going back on public transit to sing and promote his “Black Rose” album, P! likely felt it was time for him to do some piggyback promo (or just act a damn fool, same difference) for his “Songs In The Key Of Price” album (due out August 21, 2015).

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Shame (Short Film Trailer)

Talk about selling an album and a movie… at the same damn time! Tying in Tyrese’s last album “Black Rose” with this new Denzel Washington-produced short film “Shame.” The film casts Tyrese as the lead, playing an up and coming singer in 1968. The storyline was inspired by the single “Shame” off the Tyrese album. The super sexy Jennifer Hudson plays the wife, suffering through abuse and infidelity while trying to stay strong.


Check out the film trailer above. And the album (due out July 10, 2015) is linked for pre-order below.


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Tyrese On Chelsea Lately (Video)

This chick Chelsea Lately is funny as hell! Hahaa! Check out this interview with Tyrese where she admits to having a thing for brothas. Tyrese’s commentary is hilarious too! We already knew it Chelsea. And we love you tooooo! Hahaa!

Tyrese Speaks On ‘Why Men Cheat’ (Video)

I agree with what Tyrese has to say on this topic…..Brothas talk about this all the time

Sway Talks About His Relationship With Saigon & Tyrese, Supporting The Underdogs (Video)