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Affordable 3D Printed Home Technology Could End Homelessness (Video)

Okay, if this tech isn’t out here ending homelessness AGGRESSIVELY by year’s end… we all ought to feel some kind of way. Why not? – The first permitted, 3D-printed home created specifically for the developing world was unveiled today in Austin, Texas by New Story, the non-profit working to create a world where no human being lives in survival mode, and ICON, the newly launched construction technologies company leading the way into the future of homebuilding by using 3D printing to make major advancements in affordability, building performance, sustainability and customizability.
– New Story

And just imagine clearing and “reprinting” new homes in storm-ravaged areas. Instead of having long-standing shanty towns left in the wake of hurricanes, just do up a bunch of these. C’mon business. C’mon government. Who would stand against this???


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Scientists Can Now 3D Print Functional Organs (Video)

You read the headline just like we did on the Tube. You probably blurted out some combination of ‘bullsh!t’ and ‘wow’ as a knee jerk response… But then you pressed play. And you thought, “Oh. Like for practice,” maybe feeling a bit disappointed that we were not at the print-a-new-liver level yet.

We’ll get there. But for now, think: The doctors of tomorrow are going to get some REALISTIC practice BEFORE they ever touch a REAL human. There’s your pound of gold. Surgeons will not be ‘practicing’ medicine on our loved ones anymore.

Dope right?

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Science/Technology: Doctors Can 3D Print Body Parts And Tissue (Video)

Above: Surgeon Anthony Atala talking about the real possibility (read: eventuality) that humans will be able to manufacture replacement parts for their bodies as easily as they make parts for cars (cars have bodies, get it?). The video punctuates recent huge steps in a positive direction in the science. Consider a convo about ink refills for your laser printer so you can turn your school paper in on time. Now, swap in 3-D printer refills; and the story could very well be about getting refills to generate another organ (kidney, liver), so you can turn it… into a second chance at life!

(Imagine: Honey, I burned myself badly again. Can you pick up a couple of organ material refills. I need to print up some replacement skin. Wowww!)

How real is this? Doctors (headed by Dr. Atala) at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine announced yesterday that they’ve managed to 3D print “living” tissue and organs that functioned properly when implanted in animals. Human trials are probably not that far away.

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Easton LaChappelle’s Brain-Powered Prosthetics Could Change The World (Video)

It’s cutting edge robotics meets 3D printing meets whatever cool sci-fi they’ll work in. Definitely incredible. And young inventor Easton LaChappelle, definitely a kid genius! What were you doing at 19? Designing and developing miraculous brain-powered prosthetics? Probably not. But watch Easton in the clip above and be amazed. But note what is most amazing: not just prosthetics for, say, soldiers rendered limbless in service to their country; but that dude can produce them for around $500 each (e.g. for the cheap)!

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