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Watch This Teaser For This Fanmade Live Action Short Based On The CW’s “Static Shock” Cartoon (Trailer)

Wowwww! That ‘Static Shock’ cartoon from a while back… they did a MOVIE short with that?? Dope!

As his dad runs for city mayor, Virgil Hawkins struggles with finding his place in the world and his newfound superpowers. Everything is put on the line when it’s discovered some of the city’s gang activities are directly connected to those in power. Change is NEVER easy and the young hero is already in for the fight of his life.
David Kirkman

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Miguel – “Wildheart” (Chapter 1) [Short Film]

Crazy thing is… that at one time folks called Miguel’s sexuality into question. But he never responded with hate or seemed fake. Just kept keeping it real (and real freaky) with the interviews, music and performances. Now dude has positioned himself as the ultimate lover, even giving advice on ‘sensual strategy.’ And he is following some of his own advice in the short film (pretty much 3 music vids in 1) named for (and promoting) his “Wildheart” album. Check out the film’s Chapter 1 above; and the album link below.

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Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) Stars In “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” (Short Film)

To say that Atlanta’s Childish Gambino (aka actor/rapper Donald Glover) is one of Hip-Hop’s more eclectic characters is a profound understatement. So, don’t just take my words at face value when I say, “This movie is CRAZY!” Can’t be sure this is anything like ‘a day in the life’ of Gambino… but whose ever life this is… wow! This is Childish Gambino starring (with several celeb cameos) in the short film “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons.”

WARNING: You’ll probably want to look away when Gambino starts digging in his nose in the last half of the film. Just saying.


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Killer Mike – “Big Beast” feat. T.I., Bun B, & El-P (Short Film) [NSFW]

Killa Kill from Adamsville delivers a new music video for “Big Beast” which is the first official single from his collaborative album with EL-P on production called “R.A.P. Music”. Killer Mike’s new video plays out more like a short film centered around a 2012 “Zombie Apocalypse” that just doubles as a music video. This mini-movie may not be safe for work as it does contain some rather graphic images & content. In case you haven’t peeped Killer Mile’s new album entirely produced by El-P make sure you download it below from itunes.


VH1 Presents “Uprising: Hip Hop & The L.A. Riots” (Documentary)

We watched this documentary on VH1 last night & I personally found it to be a very well put together & honest account of what took place during the L.A. Riots 20 years ago & how hip hop & it’s artists were not only early forecasters of things to come, but at times participants in one way or another.

Somali Pirate Movie: “Fishing Without Nets” (Video)

Check out this trailer to the short film that’s currently being screened at the Sundance Film Festival based on the lives of the pirates of Somalia. “Fishing Without Nets” has just won the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival & the timing of the film’s win couldn’t be any more coincindental with the recent news coming out of Washington. The U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six, that killed Osama Bin Laden, just successfully completed a successful rescue mission of a kidnapped American under the orders of President Barack Obama. The timing of this film directed by 25-year-old Cutter Hodierne couldn’t be better as the movie, unlike major news outlets reporting of these events, is coming based on the perspective of the Somali pirates themselves. From a production standpoint the director only wanted to shoot in East Africa for 3 weeks with his team, but their stint there grew into 5 months in which their own lives were at risk among other hardships.



Kid Cudi – Maniac (Short Film)

Directed by Transformers star Shia Lebeouf, “Maniac” is a short film starring the actor Scott Mescudi of the HBO series “How To Make It In America.” Of course he’s better known to the world as the Kid Cudi the recording artist. The short film’s music is centered around the work of Kid Cudi & his producer Dot Da Genius. The movie is about a film crew that documents two serial killers as they go about their business. We warn you that this is not for people who have weak stomachs.

Ayah – ‘When It Comes To You’ (Video)

This is a short film Directed by Slakah the Beatchild inspired by Canadian singer & songwriter Ayah’s tune ‘When It Comes To You’…..starring… guessed it… Ayah.