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Chris Long & The Waterboys Bring ‘High Quality H20’ To Tanzania (Video)

After 11 years in the League, son of Raider Nation legend Howie Long, former Eagles D-lineman (Philly son!) Chris Long has retired and moved on… Not out to ‘greener pastures’ or just to sit idle, nah… Long is off to make the world a better place. Not a life of privilege, but apparently seeking to live a life of purpose. Salute!

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…And Of The Son: The Legacy Of David And Jackie Robinson (Mini-Documentary)

David’s story begins by him talking about his going back home to Africa…Tanzania specifically. It’d be an interesting human interest piece if this was just that. But this is a Spike Lee [Lil] Joint. Why the Spike Lee treatment? And why on ESPN? David is activist & baseball legend Jackie Robinson’s son. ESPN’s headline – “Jackie Robinson’s son is a coffee farmer in Tanzania” – rather oversimplifies what this documentary is covering, but it’s a good watch!

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Fabolous Performs at the Str8 Musik Festival In Tanzania, Africa (Video)

If everything pans out how it’s supposed to be I should be flying to Tanzania with a few friends for New Years & it’ll be my first time in the country. The people I’m rolling with have been there before & I’m hoping this will be another great experience for me in visiting places around the world where I’ve never been. In the video above Fabolous beat me down there while performing at the Str8 Musik festival not too long ago. Speaking of artists performing down in the motherland recently, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, & crew were doing their thing in South Africa in this VIDEO.