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Brothers On The Grind: Growing The ‘Cafe Neo’ Coffee Shop Franchise (Video)

Café Neo was opened in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, by two brothers. Two entrepreneurs – who are also brothers (biological) – are currently capitalizing on underrecognized coffee demand. Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie have as their mission to bring out “the best African coffees produced by Africans, drunk in Africa”… and soon enough, across the globe!

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…And Of The Son: The Legacy Of David And Jackie Robinson (Mini-Documentary)

David’s story begins by him talking about his going back home to Africa…Tanzania specifically. It’d be an interesting human interest piece if this was just that. But this is a Spike Lee [Lil] Joint. Why the Spike Lee treatment? And why on ESPN? David is activist & baseball legend Jackie Robinson’s son. ESPN’s headline – “Jackie Robinson’s son is a coffee farmer in Tanzania” – rather oversimplifies what this documentary is covering, but it’s a good watch!

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Miguel Gives A Mini-Concert To Raise Awareness And Help Poor Working Class Families (Video)

This is what art is for: touching the lives of people where they live. Miguel, doing so sharing his music and a personal backstory to connect, gave a private mini-concert in partnership with the Make Room group ( About 35 lives will never be the same. People packed into a small home outside Detroit (Michigan, USA), singing, clapping and getting a little chocked up; while Miguel uses his gift and platform as a performing artist to raise awareness of working single parents struggling to keep roofs over their families’ heads.

Start watching above as Miguel does “Coffee.” Then check out “What’s Normal Anyway” and “Adorn” after the jump to round out the set.


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R&B: Miguel Performs “Coffee” Live & Uncut (Video)

Dope stuff! Miguel does an exclusive version of his single “Coffee” (out now on iTunes) live at Lair Studios in L.A.


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