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Dance: Poppin John x Fik-Shun – “The Truth” (Video)

These bruhs and this dance jawn. The TRUTH and the LIGHT!! And they are HEAVY with the skills. Matter of fact, I’m stealing some Fort Knox fire and letting y’all know these cats are HEAVEE HEAVEE HEAVEEEEEE with the Poppin on this dance video. Watch and marvel! FACTS… AND FIK-SHUN… son!


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Marz Money – “The Truth” (Freestyle)

Another dope rhyme from Marz Money. Yup, it goes up! Calls his freestyle over Beans’ beat for “The Truth” a freemix (freestyle + remix, I reckon).


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Eddie Griffin Calling On Psych-Medical Professionals To Declare Trump A ‘Lunatic’ (Video)

Well, damn, Eddie. How do you really feel? Pretty much like a lot of folks… but LOUDER, ROWDIER, and REALER.

Comedian Eddie Griffin is no stranger to voicing his opinion, in part 1 of “The Truth” the funnyman goes on a harangue about Donald Trump’s presidency and how him being an “adolescent adult” will likely lead to another World War. “A childish motherf**ker — I don’t know what happened, but something traumatic happened in Trump’s life around 14 or 15 years old because he’s stuck at that age,” expells Griffin. He then goes on to explain how Kim Jong-Un also had a traumatic adolescence that has led to the two of them going back and forth.

He also says “This a coup pulled off by the Russians, Trump’s motherf**kin’ treasonist ass, the alt-right, KKK, neo-nazis all conspired pulled off a coup of the United States presidency.” Watch the clip to hear him tell it like it is about what’s going on in America and why no one is speaking up.

– Vlad TV

Wow. And Eddie called every Republican, except Sen. John McCain, treasonous! Shots fired, bombs dropped!

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Sean Price – “S.E.A.N.”

One of my favorite emcees from Brooklyn, Sean Price is back freestylin’ over the beat from the classic Beanie Sigel song “The Truth” that Kanye West produced.  It’s STILL ‘The Truth’ but it’s all ‘S.E.A.N.’ !  It’s a definite appetizer to get heads ready for his upcoming project ‘Songs In The Key Of Price.’ I can dig it! P!!!!!!!!


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Q-Tip Says He’s Producing Kanye’s Next Album Along With Rick Rubin (Video)

What does it take to be a producer’s producer? You can probably get an answer from Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest). Tip recently told journalist Elliott Wilson that he and Rick Rubin would be producing Kanye West’s next solo album. Watch the interview clip from Jay Z’s “Life + Times” … and hear what’s up on a future ATCQ album and more from The Abstract.

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