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Eye Candy: Nicki Minaj Twerking Backstage (Video)

Okay, debate over. Every and anyone still arguing over whether Nicki’s derriere is all real down there are missing the point. I say that as I point to what is visual perfection and a candidate clip to break the ‘Net and make all the hit count numbers flip!! Nicki twerking in this all-too-short clip makes everything better.

Have mercy on me!

Nicki is not rapping or trapping here. But I tell you what: I’m caught up. Witness the sexy thickness that is Nicki Minaj and imagine… She had to have conceptualized this at some point and been like, “Ooooh when I hit ’em off with this thunder rump shake, THEY ARE MINE!” And hell yes, Nicki gets full noontime Honey treatment all the way down to me posting her ‘Gram page!



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Paula Patton Gets Her ‘Twerk’ On The Arsenio Hall Show (Video)

“I can’t do the ‘official twerk.’ I do a shimmy.” – Paula Patton

An ‘unofficial twerk’ by the sexy Paula Patton? DEAL! Show us what you’re working with, Paula. Arsenioooo Haaaallll… is a luckyyyyyy son-of-a-gun! Mm mm mm!

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Morgan Freeman Covers ‘Twerking’ On HLN (Video)

‘Twerking’ has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. That’s bad. Having Morgan Freeman ‘reporting’ it as part of a morning broadcast… REALLY bad. He was wide awake at 5 AM to read this mini-story on ‘twerking’ … Now, if you read our last post related to Morgan Freeman, you know he could have been doing something… ANYTHING… better. Like catching up on sleep.

In the clip, he admits he hadn’t even HEARD of ‘twerking’ until HLN Morning Express had him reading about it that day. Should’ve gotten Miley Cyrus to read the bit. She could have covered other slang – like ‘pop the Miley molly’ or something. No sweatin’ (woooo). Hahaaa!

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Comedy: Addicted To Twerking (Video)

Might have to check out Stevie TV sometime… maybe… maybe not. But this ‘Twerking Intervention’ is hilarious. Check it out and have a laugh for yourself.

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