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Jimmy Fallon Challenges Nicki Minaj To Freestyle On ‘Wheel of Freestyle’ (Video)

Daaayummm! I wish I could get thick-a-licious Nicki to hold my mic like that. Watch how she ‘plays’ with Jimmy… The J, The I, The M, The M, The Y! Hahaa!

Nicki Minaj gets a little naughty when Jimmy challenges her to work random words she’s never seen before into a freestyle a rap on the spot.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Edible arrangement. Damn right, Nicki. Hold that mic. And I’ll nibble that fruit. YES!


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Jimmy Fallon & Nicki Minaj And Their Unforgettable Night At Red Lobster (Video)

Hey. I ain’t mad at Jimmy… at all! Don’t know if it was Fallon’s first time going to Red Lobster, but if it was, this looked like a hella fun way to go. Break bread with sexy Nicki and let her break that Red Lobster cherry. And in the tightest cherry red leather pants, too. Mm mm mm!

Jimmy has never tried Red Lobster before, so former employee Nicki Minaj shows him how to experience the restaurant and serve customers the right way.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Oh yeah, ‘the service’ was something else!


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Nicki Minaj – “Good Form” feat. Lil Wayne (Video)

Is it wrong that Nicki goes to the front of the line on the blog-o-sphere because of her unmatched sexiness? Well, if so, I don’t wanna be right! At the very least her visuals are gonna be HOTTTTT!! So, we win there. Plus, she can go. Plus, maybe there’s a Weezy fan out there.

(Whatever you need to get comfortable with this latest ‘Nooner’ post… ’cause you gone get this Nicki WORK off her “Queen” album!!)



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Nicki Minaj – “Barbie Dreams” (Video)

Holy moooooley!!!

Nicki Thicky put out another vid that will make you wanna quickie. Heard there was supposed to be some heat around some of the shots she tossed out in this video. Don’t know, and don’t care to follow up. Would rather spend that time and energy LOOKING at all that voluptuousness #Daaaayuummm #BarbieDreams #RIPBIGGIE


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That Time Nicki Minaj Stunned Stephen With ‘Hot’ Lyrics Alone (Video)

Whaaaaa? That might as well have been foreplay! Colbert got cold feet though. Ha!

She coming on his show flirty like that? Stephen might have a shot! Get that ‘magical glow’ from Barbie man… Make her your Queen Nicki, Colbert!


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Nicki Minaj – “Sorry” feat. Nas

“Sorry” is a one-off that Nicki Minaj did with Nas that did not make the “Queen” LP. Making its way around the Interwebs fast. Snatched a copy off the superhighway (Flex’s tube) for you to review.


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Nicki Minaj – “Chun-Li” (Video)

Ohhhh, this is what the whole viral “Chun-Li” challenge is stemming from. Meh, I can take that or leave it. But this sexy Nicki vid with her wriggling and writhing around… I’m taking that and NOT leaving (not going nowhere)!


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Nicki Minaj – “Barbie Tingz” (Video)

Judge or judge not, but Nicki spittin’ hard on this “Barbie Tingz”… Plus, with her looking this sexy af… in what universe do we NOT post such jaw-dropping visual hotness? Shiiiiid. Not this one.



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Remy Ma – “ShETHER” (Nicki Minaj Diss)

So, Hip-Hop Nation, how was the weekend? Anything interesting go down. Any beef get flame-broiled? Hear anything pop off.

Just kidding. Here’s that “ShEther” dissing Nicki HARD over that Nas “ShETHER” instrumental. with Remy Shots heard ’round the world. Hell no. Remy with the sh!ts heard ’round the Hip-Hop world!!! A little slick Twit talk and THIS is the response??? WHEW! Do they REALLY want it with Remy Ma? Wonder what we’ll hear from Nicki though. And any ‘counter diss’ will NEED to be DIRECT. Subliminal is OVER! Remy called Nicki by name and went IN on her, her family, her exes, dragged in some associates…scorched the earth!

What now from Nicki? Spit back? Or maybe ‘buys over bars’ will be the response. Nicki does have big sales numbers. Really don’t think that is the way to respond here (Rem went there in the track already). Say everything or say nothing… just an opinion/prediction.

(Hit the jump for some of what is believed to have brought this on.)


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Eye Candy: Nicki Minaj Twerking Backstage (Video)

Okay, debate over. Every and anyone still arguing over whether Nicki’s derriere is all real down there are missing the point. I say that as I point to what is visual perfection and a candidate clip to break the ‘Net and make all the hit count numbers flip!! Nicki twerking in this all-too-short clip makes everything better.

Have mercy on me!

Nicki is not rapping or trapping here. But I tell you what: I’m caught up. Witness the sexy thickness that is Nicki Minaj and imagine… She had to have conceptualized this at some point and been like, “Ooooh when I hit ’em off with this thunder rump shake, THEY ARE MINE!” And hell yes, Nicki gets full noontime Honey treatment all the way down to me posting her ‘Gram page!



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Barbershop 3: The Next Cut (Trailer)

April 2016, Ice Cube is coming back to big screens to SMASH! Another ‘Barber Shop’ movie, upon first thought, might be one too many, huh? Wait-wait. What if Cube brought back the old cast, added some new POWER hitters… AND AMPED THE EYE CANDY TO 12?

Yeah. Thought so! Give this Eye Candy… er… “Barber Shop 3: The Next Cut” a hard look. And at the same time, feel a bit of hope for change in Chi Raq. Love for Chi-Town y’all.

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Nicki Minaj – “Anaconda” (Fart Remix)

No. No. NOOOOOOOOO! Why would someone dooooo this?

Okay, folks have been talking about Nicki’s video for “Anaconda” (calling it ‘the sh!t’… mainly for the visuals of abundant azz… or just, well, sh!t… and even then, you can always watch on mute). But this… this is audio vandalism… AND FUNNY AS HELL!

(Hmm… what if one or more of the girls ripped a few on the set?)

Question is though: Would you still hit? Are you sure? Go get your 3rd grade mindset and watch. Sophomoric fun in this “Fart Remix.”

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Nas Speaks On Heavy D Producing His Latest Single ‘The Don’ (Video)

Nas speaks on Heavy D’s involvement with his latest reggae influenced single “The Don” that’s having hip hop heads abuzz right now. Under the hood is another video in which Nas discusses working with Nicki Minaj on a song called “Champion” that will appear on her album. We’re definitely looking forward to Nas’s upcoming “Life Is Good” album, but we’re not holding our breath expecting much from that particular collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Hopefully they’ll surprise us….


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MTV Names Their Hottest Rappers In The Game For 2012 (Video)

I labeled this as “MTV’s Hottest Emcees Rappers In The Game” because not everyone on this list is an “emcee”….some are just rappers or singers. Either way it is what it is…Rap lists these days don’t hold much weight, but if you’re a real hip hop head like myself then you’ll chuckle out loud at some of things said by people on this panel. Ah well…What’d you expect from MTV & the current state of radio & rap music these days…Overall it’s just a reflection of how bad “mainstream” rap music is. There’s plenty of great music out there, but most of it ISN’T on the radio unfortunately. One thing I was surprised about was seeing the homie @BosNaud was on this panel. I haven’t looked at all the vids as of yet so I hope he represented well. Check out links to the discussion on the other candidates on “MTV’s 2012 Hottest Rappers On The Radio Payola” “MTV’s 2012 Hottest Rappers In The Game” list below….

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Comedy: SNL’s Jay-Z, Beyonce, & ‘Baby Blu Ivy’ (Video)

Last night on Saturday Night Live the crew poked a little fun at Jay-Z, Beyonce, & their newborn daughter Blu Ivy. With all the media hype surrounding the birth of the hip hop couple’s kid this skit follows what it would be like if Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver (played by Justin Timberlake), Prince, Taylor Swift, & other guests stop by with well wishes. On a side note, Justin Timberlake needs to do more comedy movies or television. Dude has such a great comedic sense & is a pretty good actor…

Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show (Video)

Madonna was the headliner during this visually spectacular halftime show during Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, but she brought several friends along like Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, Cee-Lo & more but it was M.I.A. who everyone was talking about afterwards after she flipped the “F*ck You” finger into the cameras before the censors at NBC could catch it.

Rick Ross – ‘I Love My B*tches’ (Prod. By Just Blaze)

New song from the Bawse with Just Blaze on the beat. A couple of tracks that just dropped from Rick Ross’s upcoming album “God Forgives, I Don’t” dropping December 13th. One thing about Rick Ross is he definitely has a great ear for beats & quality producers.



Nicki Minaj Nip Slip (Video) (NSFW)

Wouldn’t recommend this broad Nicki Minaj to anybody with taste but I’m always up for a cleavage doe. S/O to the homie DJ Blak Magic for this one.

Nicki Minaj Appears On SNL As The ‘Bride Of Blackenstein’ (Video)

I’m not the biggest fan of Nicki Minaj’s music, but its quite evident that she could definitely make some moves as an actress with all the characters she portrays. I may need a late pass for this but Nicki Minaj appeared on Saturday Night Live in a skit called the ‘Bride Of Blackenstein’. This sh*t was funny! Haha!