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Watch ‘Our Cartoon President’ Give His Address At The Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner (Video)

Baaahahaaa! President Trump might have opted out of going to the WHCA Annual Dinner in real life, but Our Cartoon President went all in for the event!

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Hasan Minhaj (Of The Daily Show) Gives An Roast Epic Speech At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

Ohhhhhh shhhheeeeeeeiiiit! I wanted to categorize this as comedy, but this is more. This is even more biting than mere satire; plenty of BITE. Don Rickles (RIP) level roasting of an entire room AND of The President… you know, at the WHITE HOUSE Correspondents’ event that they have EVERY year.

Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj took full advantage of Donald Trump’s absence by taking aim at The President and his administration during his monologue at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.
Global News

I’m sure it was on his calendar. But hell, I cannot blame him. Some of this sh!t BURNED, but it seems like everyone took it in stride. And I do mean everyone, because ‘The Daily Show’ Correspondent Hasan Minhaj gave a taste to EVERYONE: Not just the POTUS, but key officials in his Administration, with shots for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, even C-SPAN (who broadcasts the event annually)!

You HAVE to watch, but strap up and sack up. Hasan is hella funny, but his speech hits hella HARD! Whew.


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President Obama Does ‘Spot On’ Richard Sherman Rant at The White House Correspondents Dinner (Video)

To some it was funny. To others the epitome of athletic amplitude. However you viewed it, peep after the jump to view it again… for a frame of reference. Because above, the POTUS (e.g. President Obama) does a Richard Sherman (outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback) jokey-joke that lands! Pretty funny, Mr. President. Even Richard thought so.

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Seth Meyers Speech During The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Full Video)

SNL comedian/writer Seth Meyers got in some funny jokes at many people like Arianna Huffington, FoxNews, Anderson Cooper, & even President Barack Obama himself who at least laughed at himself. The jokes aimed at Donald Trump were not only funny, but well deserved low blows that ‘The Donald’ just asked for with this ‘Birther’ sh*t….

Donald Trump Autographs A Copy Of President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate (Photos)

A woman at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner was able to get Donald Trump to sign a copy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. ‘The Donald’ was so upset about all the jokes aimed in his direction during the event that he probably wasn’t even paying attention to what he was scribbling on. More pictures under the hood……

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