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Politics/Comedy: Seth Meyers Says, “Hey, Hillary Clinton, Stop Blaming Bernie Sanders” (Video)

Okay, I will admit to not watching a whole lot of Late Night With Seth Meyers. No reason. No hate. Always thought dude was funny. Plus, there’s the YouTube… where apparently the system knows I would like some stuff he says and suggests his clips to me.

Know what? YouTube is RIGHT! This “Hey!” clip is EPIC!

I did not even know Senator Clinton was throwing the shade at Senator Sanders in her book like that. And don’t worry, I got a clip with Bernie Sanders giving a rebuttal, with a pivot, to focus us on the REAL issues. No matter what, we need to keep our eyes on the prize(s) in #FeelTheBern mode after the jump.

But wait! Watch the hilariousness (and insight) above from Meyers.

(Full disclosure: I have not read Hillary Clinton’s book. Probably good though.)


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Comedy: Craig Robinson Performs “Chocolate Muffins” (Video)

Baaahahaaa! Watch this. Craig Robinson a fool! Caught this online video of him performing “Chocolate Muffins” on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Hilarity! Watch out ladies: Craig The Bakerman is gonna stir y’all up with that wooden spoon…


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Did You See Maya Rudolph’s Impression Of Rachel Dolezal? (Video)

Skkkrrrrr! Screeching halt to everything! Rachel Dolezal gets the Maya Rudolph treatment. Maya has done some epic comical impressions (on NBC’s Saturday Night Live back in the day); but this timely gem…WOW! Nothing formal, a ‘spontaneous’ demo at the request of host Seth Meyers. Well, the wig was there; so why not??

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Kanye West Chats And Performs On ‘Late Night’ With Seth Meyers (Video)

So Jimmy Fallon and The Roots pack up and leave ‘Late Night’ to move in at the ‘Tonight Show.’ Okay, bring on Seth Meyers…and Kanye West! Now, watch how Ye blesses Meyers’ debut to TV talk. An interview above and a dope medley after the jump.

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Comedy: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs Retiring Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis (Video)

‘Parodies like this [hilarious Saturday Night Live skit] just prove that [Ray] Lewis is one of the most beloved characters in the NFL, and it will be tough to see him go—win or lose—after the Super Bowl. He’s a one-of-a-kind player and person and will be missed upon his retirement.’

– Alex Kay,
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Seth Meyers Speech During The White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Full Video)

SNL comedian/writer Seth Meyers got in some funny jokes at many people like Arianna Huffington, FoxNews, Anderson Cooper, & even President Barack Obama himself who at least laughed at himself. The jokes aimed at Donald Trump were not only funny, but well deserved low blows that ‘The Donald’ just asked for with this ‘Birther’ sh*t….