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London Based Fitness Expert “Kemo Marriott” Speaks on “Living Life in Motion” by Odell Simmons

Each year millions of people say they are going to get fit, eat better, and a host of other things.  To make matters more complicated every year new fads and diets hit the market claiming to make miracles happen. I wanted to help cut through the nonsense and speak with someone who could give sound advice.  This brings me to Kemo Marriott a fitness expert, trainer, and music lover who travels the world sharing his knowledge.  Based in London, England yet Kemo can be found across Europe and when we spoke he was residing in Bangkok, Thailand.  So check out interview below where Kemo gives some tips on nutrition, fitness, and his nomadic lifestyle.

Odell: I came across your profile while reading a UK version of Men’s health magazine then started following you on Instagram. Your page is one of the highlights of my day. Full of fun videos of you working out shopping at the market or just doing a dance while enjoying music. What’s your main goals on how you use social media?

Kemo: Haha thanks so much for the kind words!  For now, Social Media- Instagram in particular is an outlet of creativity.  It’s a no holds barred insight into my life.  I know that for the most part, I’m portraying an active, healthy lifestyle but want to do so in a loosely entertaining way. It’s a continually evolving process, but I’m hoping that my following continues to grow so that I can work with interesting brands, whilst continuing to travel the world.

ArtbyOdell Twitter/Instagram

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Bang Fit: “The PornHub Method of Physical Fitness” (Video)

We are in the middle of Summer and many people are still trying to get their summer bodies together.  The gyms are packed with people working to stay in shape.  What if I told you there is an alternative you never thought of and it involved Porn?  Let me bust your bubble some because it’s not just watching porn on the couch and losing weight.  PornHub introduces you to Bang Fit.  They have devised a fitness game that involves you getting in shape by turning your sex life into a fitness game.  You just have to watch this video to understand.  So cancel your gym membership and get in the bedroom!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Muscle & Fitness: The Compton Superman Vs. Da Hulk of Texas (Video)

Professional Cali bodybuilder CT Fletcher is known on the web for his profanity laced, yet humorous & deeply inspiring workout videos. In this new video our hero CT Fletcher a.k.a. the ‘Compton Superman’ is joined by Keven Washington a.k.a. ‘Da Hulk’ straight out of Texas for a powerful workout of epic proportions. Videos like these keep me inspired! Check out additional bonus footage after the jump below! COTDAYAAAAM!!!!


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Comedy: Alfonso Ribiero Leads Flash Mob Doing ‘Carlton Dance’

“At noon on April 21, 2012 thousands of dancers at hundreds of locations across the country spontaneously broke into the “Carlton” dance and then left like nothing happened.
They were lead by none other than Carlton Banks himself, Alfonso Ribiero, in support of the Do the Dance Challenge” –

60 Year Old Man Is Fit By Doing Over 700 Push Ups A Day (Video)

This is crazy inspiring to see a 60 year old guy doing over 700 push ups plus 10 sets of pull ups & dips 5 days a week. The NYC resident’s daily routine has kept him looking more hardbody than most dudes half his age

Fat Joe Speaks On CNN About Losing Over 100 Pounds (Video)

Fat Joe talks to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta about why he decided to drop all the weight. Good for him. Live Strong.

Hardbody TV: Lil Cease & The Bartendaz Bonus Clips (Video)

Hardbody TV: Lil Cease x Styles P Eating & Drinking Healthy (Video)

A big part of getting healthy involved what you put into your body in the first place. Check out the video above as Lil Cease links with Styles P at his Juice Bar in the Bronx. More video after the jump….
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Hardbody TV: Eating Healthy with Lil Cease (Video)

In episode 5 of Lil Cease’s ‘Hardbody TV’ series he speaks on the importance of a proper diet in addition to the weights & workouts.

Hardbody TV: Shoulder Super Sets with Lil Cease (Video)

Lil Cease is back with the Hardbody TV workout & in this segment he places emphasis on working out the shoulders & doing “Super Sets” designed for greater muscle definition.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

Hardbody TV: Lil Cease Ab Workout (Video)

I’m still inspired by Lil Cease & motivated. In episode 3 of Hardbody TV, Lil Cease gets it in with an abdominal workout….Hardbody!


Hardbody TV: Lil Cease with The Bar-Tendaz: Episode II (Video)

I’ve always been a muscular guy who played sports & in good physical shape, but I acknowledge that I have more work to do to trim it all up again. Lil Cease & the Bar-Tendaz have me motivated with their routines on the web. Check out part one under the hood….

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Hardbody TV: Lil Cease Shoulders Exercise (Video)

Lil Cease continues his Hardbody TV series, but this time the focus is on the shoulder work.