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Becoming The Dora Milaje From “Black Panther” (Video)

Well, well, Wakanda Forever! Ladies and gentlemen, meet my #WomenCrushEVERYDAY right here. Didn’t comedian Tony Baker tell y’all that the women of Wakanda were clutch??! Yes, yes! And so is this cosplay vid.

Watch as cosplayers Alicia Marie Live and Blikku transform into the Dora Milaje from Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” in a special episode of “Marvel Becoming!”
– Marvel


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Build Your Own Mini Boat (Video)

Toys for the water! This DIY boat is dope with extra awesome sauce boss! Wonder if they make a submarine kit, or maybe plan to. At the price point here, even the thriftiest enthusiast could end up with a fleet in a few short years.

These made to order $950 kits will allow you to build your very own mini boat at home.

American company Rapid Whale has created “Mini Boat,” a miniature boat measuring 6ft in length and around 50kg in weight. Mini Boat is powered by two 12-volt batteries, allowing the miniature rig to reach a top speed of 4 mph.
– Tech Insider


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Hobby/Craft: How To Make A Mini Crossbow (Video)

Hmm. Doesn’t look all that dangerous. More like hobby/crafty/fidgety fun. Of course, a mini crossbow that shoots toothpicks might cause a bit more of a sting than a paper airplane or a spitball. Schools can handle any ‘offenders’ who misuse this toy in the classroom: detention or whatever punishment they are doling out nowadays. Let’s just enjoy this vid for what it is, a cool do-it-yourself how-to.

If you don’t feel like making one, it looks like you can buy a toothpick crossbow… still, but the number of sellers may be dwindling. Follow the ‘more’ link below to see why. Watch the video first though.


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Recreation: 5 Amazing Toys For Grown Men (Video)

Because I am not playing with y’all… I have started (re)collecting the Transformers toys of my youth. Living the dream! I am trying to get the original G1 Autobots (all 18, including big rig Optimus Prime) and original G1 Decepticons (all 10, including the ‘ugly gun’ version of Megatron).

So that’s out there. Get at me on here or on Twitter if you have a lead to buy outright for the CHEAP! Used is more than okay. I’m not looking for collector’s or mint edition. I’m gonna play with mine… PAUSE!

(Wait, is it noon yet? Because all ‘pause’ is off for the nooner. Just saying.)

Alright. In case my tastes are a bit too nerdcore for you, here’s a more ‘hip’ list of cool toys for grown-ups: Manuka Gyroscope, Bottle Rocket Launcher, UGears Models, The ForeverSpin, and Delorean Time Machine. The video above gives us the skinny on some phat fun stuff.

(Did I use ‘phat’ right? Been a while. Plus, I’m a nerd; and I’m pretty proud of it #RevengeOfTheNerds)


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10 Amazing Vehicles You Need To See (Video)

Twizys, Slingshots, and Yikebikes, oh my! These man toys are the dopest for the mostest part: some might be too far out (looking at you LopFit), or too ‘meh’ for the thrillseekers among us. Check out these ‘Top 10’ Amazing Vehicles above.


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Recreation: 10 Of The Coolest Toys For Grown-Ups (Video)

You’re a grown up, right? That means you can do whatever you wanna do. So why wait until Christmas, or even Christmas in July, to get into some awesome toys? Toys for grown-ups like these!

Yeah. I don’t feel like waiting either. Let’s get into ’em above.


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Building And Burning A Mini Matchstick House (Video)

Dopest charcoal lighter ever! Missed Memorial Day, but build one of these for the 4th Of July and be the envy of every barbecuer across America. Watch the precise construction of a mini matchstick house. Then watch it burn in the awesomest way!

(Wait. This house was built without glue??)

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