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10 Amazing Vehicles You Need To See (Video)

Twizys, Slingshots, and Yikebikes, oh my! These man toys are the dopest for the mostest part: some might be too far out (looking at you LopFit), or too ‘meh’ for the thrillseekers among us. Check out these ‘Top 10’ Amazing Vehicles above.


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‘Gina’ Tells Us The Truth: ‘Tommy’ Really Did Have A Job! (Video)

Did you ever wonder if Tommy Ford’s character (you know, Tommy on the TV show Martin) actually had a job? Well… according to Tisha Campbell (Gina on the show)… the answer is YES! Hear/see her spill the beans above in the video clip.

So, Tisha says so. Is that enough? How about if Tommy himself told you? Would that do? Well, hit the jump then (with your ol’ skeptical self)! And while you’re there, let’s have one more long belly laugh at the whole gang of ‘Tommy ain’t got no job maaaaan’ snippets down there, too.


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White People Watch Má¾¹RTiN ‘For the First Time’ (Video)

Now, this is a worthy social experiment. Is there anybody…anybody…who did not find “Martin” falling-out funny back in the day. Hell, sometimes the reruns will make you laugh even harder right? But hold the remote… This episode of ‘For the First Time’ though.

“Martin” is hugely popular in the Black community but you’d be surprised how many people have never seen an episode. Watch as ADD’s white comedians experience Martin for the first time!

Now, the dude Big Irish Jay can front all he wants, but does anyone think he had a lot more than a ‘casual interest’ in Tichina Arnold (aka ‘Pam’)? Lots of pronunciation attempts for our girl with all them ‘pronounced’ features (‘Gina’ in the devil suit sure; but ‘Pam’ was so fine – whew)! Be sure to watch the whole video.

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Miami Heat Stars In Its Own ‘Martin’ Intro (Video)

This is crazy! And crazy good. If the Heat ain’t having fun then who is?? Check out D. Wade, Bosh et. al. clowning around like they were right there with Martin, Tommy, Cole and everybody else back in the day!

If you were around back in the 90’s… we think you’ll enjoy this.

— Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT) February 9, 2016

‘Martin’ Cast to Reunite? Tichina Arnold Talks About That, Gets Some Dancing In And More (Video)

Great episode! The ever so sexy ‘Pam’ (from TV’s ‘Martin’) was talking to Sway Calloway that day. Sway in the Morning has Tichina Arnold talking about the possibility of a ‘Martin’ reunion and a lot more… like working it oooouuut Mary J. Blige style in an impromptu in-studio vibe dance battle with Heather B. I mean, love and respect to Heather B; but Tichina won that one (wow… did she ever win)!

“When in doubt, show your butt.”
Tichina Arnold with some post-dance off ‘advice’

Enjoy this interview. Beyond the looks, there’s a lot to admire about Tichina (like her work with the Lupus Foundation).


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Technology: New Clean Energy Source… Gravity? (Video)

Hazardous kerosene lamps, still used in many developing countries, are a major expense for many of the world’s estimated 1.5 billion families without electricity. Poor households typically spend at least 10 percent of their income on kerosene, as much as $36 billion a year worldwide, according to the World Bank. So far, efforts to use solar energy, hydroelectric microgrids, or repurpose old car batteries have also been problematic, says Joe Hale, president of the nonprofit Global BrightLight Foundation.

Gravity could help. British industrial designer Martin Riddiford has created a pineapple-size lamp called the GravityLight – powered by a 25-pound weight that falls about six feet in a half-hour. It shines slightly brighter than most kerosene lamps, and continuous use only requires manually lifting the weight back to the top to repeat the process every 30 minutes during which light is needed.

(Bonus: This means that one day there’ll be no more yelling at relatives about leaving lights on and running up the bill in homes using this innovation.)


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