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These ‘Adidas Originals’ Featuring Donald Glover & Mo’Nique Are Hilarious (Video)

Yeah, and Mo’Nique is taking shots on Donald all through these! Check out the entire series of shorts strung together in one clip, all of them, with ‘Avocado’ on top, embedded above.

(Donald’s probably right though: The viscosity on a good plate of grits is amazing. HA!)

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Pusha T – “Bodega Babies” (Video)

Okay, so it’s a promo video for adidas Originals… but that Pusha track entitled “Bodega Babies” is featured prominently in it. And speaking of prominent (e.g. placed to be very recognizable), anybody heard that beat before? Like during the Swizz Beatz vs. Just Blaze beat battle we posted on here?

The Bodega, a place for growth and evolution in all senses; where people buy their groceries, hang outside at night, and gain respect from peers. We pay tribute to the hub of many communities. The EQT Support Ultra King Push “Bodega Babies” hits the streets November 3rd. #KingPushEQT
– adidas Originals

Oh, and before you ask, of course, I know who the thickalicious bodacious Honey that walked into the Bodega mid-flick is… Fabolous knows her, too. That’s his wifey Emily Bustamante aka Emily B. Mercy on me, Fab is a fortunate man #BLESS

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The Do Over is Kicking it Back in Atlanta [ATL Event]

One thing we enjoy in Atlanta, GA is a good time. So when you combine good music, adult beverages, an international traveling party, and a world renown footwear brand you have one heck of a kick back. On July 9th that’s what we have when the Do Over party arrives back in Atlanta powered by Adidas and Miller Lite to take over the Sound Table on Edgewood. This day party wont be confined to just the sound table it is an official block party so prepare to dance in the streets of Atlanta while sipping come cold brew (If that is your choice of course). All you have to do in RSVP for entry and you are in the game. You know they will have a killer lineup of DJ’s thats a prerequisite for all Do Over events. They have not released that information yet but with the many great DJ’s in Atlanta and they always have surprise guests so no need to worry. Here is some video footage from previous Atlanta Do Over and RSVP link below.




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Big Sean Proving That One Man Can Change Detroit (Video)

I think kids in general have raw talent… It’s before the world gets to them… All they have is their imagination and their beliefs…
Big Sean

Awesome stuff! Big Sean giving back to the community and tapping an undervalued renewable resource: the energy youth can devote to pursuing dreams (like he did). Feel the power in this clip!

What does Infinite Possibilities look like? For Big Sean it’s going back to Detroit where he first imagined a life in music. Big Sean returns to his high school, Cass Tech, to build a recording studio and inspire the imaginations of a new creative class. The Infinite Possibilities of ZX Flux #IMAGINEDBY Big Sean and adidas Originals.

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