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Food: Styles P & Adjua Styles Share Some Tasty Recipes (Video)

We are cinematic, and we’re cooking…

So for all y’all that will NOT be eating meat on Turkey Day. The Styles’ Family Cooking Channel (good name… yes/no?) has got you covered. At least on the sandwiches and snacking. Good for munching later while the game is on, or earlier (why wait?).

Follow My Recipe™ is a new, original miniseries created by the CinematicTV team where we film rap artists making their favorite homemade meal, so you can make it too! On this episode watch Styles P and Adjua Styles walk us through how to make a Mushroom BLT, Cashews with Onions & Peppers, and Deconstructed Peach Cobbler.
– CinematicTV

And dessert, too? Nice! #GiveThanks


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Styles P And Adjua Styles Sip The Juice With Dave East (Video)

Knowledge and health. True wealth. On this ep of ‘Juice Appeal’ they speak on things like that with “Beloved” bredren Dave East.

This week on Juice Appeal, it’s the ‘BELOVED’ duo! New York rappers extraordinaire Dave East and Styles P head to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to sit down at P’s juice shop with the honorable Adjua Styles for a casual convo on the heels of the release of Dave & Styles’ well-regarded joint album, ‘Beloved,’ the first dual effort between the two. Expect nothing but gems as they discuss their eating habits, the general direction the “game” is heading in & much more.
– Mass Appeal



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Styles P And Adjua Styles Sip The Juice With Uncle Murda (Video)

Styles living healthy, with the juice, in his bar, with Murda Lenny, him too. Haha!

On the latest episode of #JuiceAppeal, Brooklyn legend Uncle Murda sits down with Styles P and Adjua Styles at the juice shop to talk his entry into the game, getting that coveted Ghost co-sign and to whip up his own healthy concoction, Murda Madness. Spoiler: hope you’re a fan of wheatgrass. Enjoy!
– Mass Appeal


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