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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (HBO Trailer)

I’m from Tuskegee y’all. I swear to you this trailer give me the feels like this movie will have elements of the infamous Syphilis Study that took place there. Injustice, incredulity, and infighting (though apparently not enough) left those Black men with no care and no hope; even when they had no real knowledge of their plight… until it was too late. I am really hoping for a happier ending here.

Science took her cells. Her family reclaimed her story.

Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne star in this adaptation of the critically-acclaimed book. HBO Films presents The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Saturday, April 22 at 8pm on HBO.

Either way, it looks incredibly compelling. I will be watching. Join me #HeLaCells


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Ghostface Gets At Back Martin Shkreli With His Own ‘Goons’ And ‘Goo’ (Video)

Stop f#cking around and grow the f#ck up…BE A MAN!

It’s the clap back at Millionaire Martin for all that reckless talk… But not how you think. Interesting. Verrrry interesting. The Hip-Hop Nation might’ve expected Ghost to go hard at prescription drug magnate Martin Shkreli. However, only the shrewdest heads could have thought it though to come up with this type of battle plan.

Ghostface Killah strikes back at Martin Shkreli with the 5000% increase of Daraprim.

War is chess, not checkers, folks. It’s often about winning hearts and minds. So, to take the battle to where Shkreli cannot win (e.g. Martin ain’t winning anybody’s heart anytime soon), to paint him as TRYING to be the ultimate villain THEN clown him for that THEN bring in the ‘goods’ to join the laughter… THEN have one of them end with a teary-eyed plea to Shkreli (and his MOM) to do right by the people who are sick and dying in the wake of his greed (e.g. his aforementioned 5000% price increase of the HIV drug Daraprim)…checkmate!

And in the midst of it all, promote the Wu Goo brand as the ‘anti’ to all of that at the same damn time! Mr. Starks’¬†is showing the skill and temperament of a master… Shaolin technique is VERY good and his sword is deadly sharp. Well played.



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What? Millionaire Martin Shkreli Says He Would Smack ‘Ghost’ In His Face (Video)

Ha! It sounds funnier because this is real life. This dude don’t didn’t see how the Bronson v. Starks beef worked out, did he? This is Martin Shkreli – the bad boy of Big Pharma, the guy who bought the HIV drug rights and jacked the pill price way the f#ck up – you know, that douche. And sure, he is not the only douche on the planet, but as Bill Maher might quip… Shkreli does have a very punchable face. Watch him pop off a bunch of rah-rah talk above on radio. Then, after the jump, watch him say virtually nothing in his Congressional hearing.

In either clip… yeah, punchable. Wonder if Ghostface is gonna put out a video message to this guy.

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Throwback: Dave Chappelle In This 1990 ‘Spread The Word – High School HIV/AIDS’ Public Service Announcement (Video)

Okay, stop giggling. Dave really meant this. Trying to get down with a serious work on a serious topic. Thinking about where he was in his career when this came out, let’s say he succeeded on several fronts. Eventually finding his comedic lane to ride gave him a bigger voice for a much larger audience; but this shows that the actor/comedian already had a mind to say something of substance before he really got on. Watch.

Okay “Control Your Jimmy” is funny… but don’t bag on the man’s skills. You see he is not rapping today.

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