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Best Food Safety Practices: Grocery Shopping & Eating Takeout (Video)

In times like these, we must listen to the science; and to the practitioners! Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen aka Dr. Jeff VW is breaking the knowledge down to the very last compound (as KRS-ONE might say). Check out what he has to say about staying vigilant and being meticulous about the safest choices and sterilization processes for the food we eat.

It is NOT all ‘common sense’ but it will all make sense when your hear from it from the Doc.


This is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.

Jeffrey VanWingen

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Throwback: Dave Chappelle In This 1990 ‘Spread The Word – High School HIV/AIDS’ Public Service Announcement (Video)

Okay, stop giggling. Dave really meant this. Trying to get down with a serious work on a serious topic. Thinking about where he was in his career when this came out, let’s say he succeeded on several fronts. Eventually finding his comedic lane to ride gave him a bigger voice for a much larger audience; but this shows that the actor/comedian already had a mind to say something of substance before he really got on. Watch.

Okay “Control Your Jimmy” is funny… but don’t bag on the man’s skills. You see he is not rapping today.

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DJ Mister Cee Opens Up About His Sexuality In New Public Service Announcement (Video)

The controversy surrounding famed NY radio host DJ Mister Cee had less to do with his sexuality than it did with him lying to himself, his family, & his fans. I believe most people will accept you for who you are if you are just honest about it, but you can’t expect the media & fans to leave you alone when you’re a very public figure who has been arrested repeatedly for soliciting male prostitutes in the news.  The most powerful thing DJ Mister Cee has done up to this point is this new public service announcement encouraging people to get tested. There are many women who become at risk because guys like DJ Mister Cee choose not to be honest with their significant others in their lives. Many of us understand his reasons for not being forthcoming, but there are literally thousands of people contracting STD’s simply because their partners weren’t honest about their behavior.   At least now we can applaud DJ Mister Cee for being honest with his friends, fans, & supporters & for making the right moves to help save lives & bring about more awareness. FREESTDCHECK.ORG

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Yasiin Bey’s PSA: Putting ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ and the NYPD On Trial (Video)

Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) puts out a video public service announcement – “Don’t Tread on Me” – bringing attention to the New York Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk policy and practice. Watch and see how New Yorkers are taking the fight for their rights to the courts. Learn more about the Stop-and-Frisk case on trial at: Be part of the movement, join the Communities United for Police Reform:

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Tabi Bonney ‘Moves Smart’ Like Everyday Is Earth Day (Video)

Check out this video that dropped from Tabi Bonney stressing the importance of making smart choices in how we live. This video sort of reminds me of Tabi Bonney’s Nuthin But A Hero’clip, but it’s more like a public service announcement instead of a music video. Check out the video & remember to show love to your Mother….
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