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Sports: Muhammad Ali x David Frost Interview (1974) [Video]

David Frost (yep, that dude they’re talking about in that ‘Frost Nixon’ movie) interviews boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. Frost could give it to U.S. President Nixon, but Ali is the Champion Of The World… and of classic jibber-jabber! Gotta love hearing the Champ talk. You definitely will after watching this.

Lots of funny, but Ali drops some jewels in here, too.


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Comedian Billy Crystal Delivers Funny And Touching Eulogy For Muhammad Ali (Video)

Muhammad Ali. He is gone, but he will NEVER die. Billy Crystal speaks TRUTH as he lovingly eulogizes the man who called him his “little brother” ever since they bonded decades ago. Watch the clip above of comedian Crystal at Ali’s homegoing. After the jump, see the “15 Rounds” performance that so impressed The Greatest early in life.

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Cenk Uygur Speaks On How Muhammad Ali Should Truly Be Remembered (Video)

Muhammad Ali… He was a strong, proud Black man and he didn’t mind telling you…
Cenk Uygur

Powerful! Cenk Uygur gives us 5 minutes of RAW commentary to set (or keep) perspectives straight on the legacy of Ali. Don’t let all the soft, lofty words now being spoken about The Greatest in this time of mourning make you think Ali was whitewashed or weak (or even worried about being ‘liked’) in any way at any time in his life.

Muhammad Ali has been described as transcending race, but that takes away from his powerful stance on being a Black man. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, delivers his Final Judgment on Muhammad Ali’s legacy.

It is important that for all the ways that Ali should be remembered – winning fighter, charismatic public figure, ambassador for peace and justice – we must NEVER forget that Ali was NOT living to win approval from the majority. As much a warrior out of the ring as in, he spoke harshly on injustices perpetuated by America and the White majority in the U.S. and abroad; refusing to be part of or tacitly endorse it in any way.

Good to keep that straight.

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Candid Camera Classic: Ali Meets the Kids (Video)

If it is possible to run across an ‘Ali hater’ in this time of remembrance of The Greatest, SHOW THIS VIDEO!

Muhammad Ali made several appearances on Candid Camera. In 1974 he visited a school and allowed kids to “discover” him. Allen Funt narrates.

The Louisville Lip had no chill…larger than life, but accessible and obviously not shy about cutting up for the kids. Incredible classic TV clip that you may have seen. Worth watching [again].


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Ali: The Mission (Mini-Documentary)

Even before The Champ’s passing, you’ve probably heard about his nobility and heroism outside the ring. Given that, this 30-For-30 documentary short’s content may not shock you; but the story should warm your heart and make you miss him a little bit more.

Ambassador Ali. Fighting Parkinson’s all while winning over folks worldwide including Saddam Hussein; which was key. You’ll see why when you watch.

(Narrated by John Legend.)

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R.I.P. Muhammad Ali


As much as we want it not to be true, reporting from CBS Sports, BBC and myriad news media confirms that the man known worldwide as The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, has passed. He was 74 years old.

Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Ali stepped into the world’s spotlight by winning a gold medal as a light-heavyweight at the 1960 Rome Olympics. He would go on to defeat Sonny Liston in 1964 to claim his first world title and became the first boxer to capture a world heavyweight championship on three separate occasions. Retiring in 1981, Ali won 56 of his 61 fights as an active professional. However, his accolades do not stop there. Sports Illustrated recognized Ali as “Sportsman of the Century,” and the BBC named him “Sports Personality of the Century.”

Though later more understated as an elder statesman of sport, remembering Ali’s boldness and bigger-than-life presence over the years is what is likely driving the water from your tear ducts now. Even now you hear his braggadocio echo…

I float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.
I am The Greatest!
I shook up the WORLD!
I’m a bad man!

But he was also a champion for Civil Rights and Human Rights the world over. An outspoken member of the Nation Of Islam, a conscious objector to the war in Vietnam (convicted for his stance), a goodwill ambassador (notably meeting Fidel Castro when U.S. – Cuba relations were still very cold) and so much more. Too much more to do justice to his legacy in this Memoriam, but please, if you will, say one more time as he would, “The Champ is here!”

Then, in spirit, join with mourners around the world dealing with the reality that The Champ is with us no more. Hit the jump for some remembrances, quotes and video footage.

Rest Well, Champ.


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Muhammad Ali Goes To Mars (Video)

Nobody does it like ‘The Greatest of All Time’ … then, now, in the ring, on the radio, on Earth, on Mars… Great PBS ‘Blank on Blank’ episode, with less animation but still an animated ‘guest’ in Muhammad Ali. And that whole ‘Mars match’ in this lost interview… was off the top of his head, with a girl in his lap! Talk about freestyling!

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HBO Films: Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight (Trailer)

“Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight” premieres Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 8PM Eastern Time on HBO. This documentary has all the indications of greatness. An epic true life story: the then Heavyweight Champ Muhammad Ali refusing to enlist and go fight for the USA in Vietnam when he is drafted, a crisis of faith (his objections to the war), prison time, appeals taken all the way to the highest court in America… star power: Danny Glover, Christopher Plummer, Ed Begley Jr., Barry Levinson… and playing Ali… NO ONE! No one plays the Champ better than [stock footage of] the Champ!

HBO Films can pull it off though; as the documentary will focus more on the Supreme Court judges, their rulings and places in history, rather than on Ali himself.

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BLITZ – 2/4/13: Great Champions

02-03-2013-muhammad-ali-3_4_r536_c534Apollo Brown x O.C. – “People’s Champ”


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Yasiin Bey x Niels Shoe Meulman – “Float” (Tribute to Muhammad Ali) [Video]

Muhammad Ali will “drown a drink of water” and “kill a dead tree!” No messing with the greatest of all time. But we mess with this: Yasiin BeyNiels Shoe Meulman… lyrical and visual art, respectively and respectfully. The video brought to you by Louis Vuitton. Nice tribute.
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Muhammad Ali Speaking On How People Only Respect Wealth (Video)

While talking with a few friends of mine about how athletes & many rap artists today don’t get behind any causes other than their own I was reminded of this interview Muhammad Ali did back in the day. He spoke about how most people are sheep until you can lure them in & then give them the message you’re really trying to get across. Unlike Ali, the majority of preachers, evangelists, athletes, & rap artists today aren’t delivering any real message with what they are doing. I guess it makes sense to be flossy if there is some sort of purpose behind it.

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali (Video)

Muhammad Ali is celebrating his 70th birthday today & to you sir we salute you! With all the flack Obama is catching could Ali have predicted the outcome?

Mike Tyson Says His First Time Meeting Muhammad Ali He Was In A Juvenile Detention Center (Audio)

Mike Tyson called into Philly sports station The Fanatic 97.5 FM to talk about what Muhammad Ali meant to him, what was it about Ali that made him the most famous athlete in the world, what he represented to people outside of boxing, whether or not he thinks Ali is the best boxer of all-time, and what he thinks about the Ali-Frazier rivalry. Check out the audio of the interview below.

The Thrilla In Manila: Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier 1975 (Video)

Arguably considered one of the greatest fights in boxing history, “The Thrilla In Manila” with Muhammad Ali Vs. Joe Frazier was the third and final fight between two of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. This Heavyweight Championship bout took place at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines on October 1, 1975. Rest in peace to North Philly’s finest…..Smokin’ Joe Frazier!
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The BLITZ – 1/18/11

Happy Birthday To One Of My Heroes….the Legendary Muhammad Ali. Technically his birthday was yesterday 1/17, but we had to give Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr his honor yesterday. It’s the morning BLITZ! News & Information from around the World. Fresh like Turkey Bacon, a Veggie Omelette, Sweet Potato Hashbrowns, and freshed squeeze OJ. Enjoy!


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