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Lifestyle: Hitting The Road To Get The Latest Fits… If The Price Is Right (Video)

Team Williams trooped on up the highway to get some serious outlet shopping done. Mind on those going through the recent hurricane on the trip (prayers and well-wishes). Check out how Team Williams (with Gabby getting better) does it… BIG!

Team Williams is outlet shopping at The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta, in Woodstock, GA!
Here at Mens Inc we will feature outlet shopping for DEALS and STEALS and how to save money at retail stores for brand clothing and shoes.
– MENS Inc.

The channel actually does not premiere until January 2020. But if you are down with (thank you), you don’t have to wait! You’re welcome for that, by the way.

Now, you know what to do next: Click the like on the video, share, and subscribe today!!

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Dear #BurnYourNikes Movement, Nike Doesn’t Mind At All (Video)

If you feel like wasting some keystrokes, comment on the next vid you see posted by a ‘Nike burner’ that Nike doesn’t give not one aglet about #BurnYourNikes

(Oh, and an ‘aglet’ is that sheath or tip at the end of your shoelace. You knew that? Okay cool.)

See, this whole ‘we stand by Kaep‘ stance Nike is putting forth is still a BUSINESS move at its core. We know that, right? Right?? It’s a business move that folks (read: the majority of people that Nike wants to buy its products) who are cool with #TakeAKnee will vote in favor of… with their purchasing power.

This is why Nike doesn’t care if you set your shoes on fire.
– VICE News Tonight

Just like choosing to ‘vote’ for (buy from) Burger King because you like your burgers flame-broiled, or your way, or whatever the other fast food joints ain’t doing. Or vice versa.

And for folks who decide to NOT buy from them anymore, Nike is wagering (i.e. taking a strategic business risk) there will be few enough of them to not matter (to its BUSINESS). Buuuut… all this could make for some cool counter-hashtaggery to make the new ‘Nike haters’ hot though…



#GoOnAndBurnYourGear #NikeAlreadyHasYourMoney


#KaepGotPaid #NikeUsedMoneyYouPaid #MoneyYouJustSetAblaze



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KevOnStage Explains “Why Nike Ain’t Worried” About The Boycott (Video)

He’s got a point. Several points. And anybody ‘big mad’ enough about Colin Kaepernick being a spokesperson for Nike’s new marketing campaign can have several seats… while we #TakeAKnee

(And they can grab a cape, because when they realize that Kaep will get a check while they rip/burn/etc. products on which they’ve already spent hard-earned money on, they will be SUPER MAD!)


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Fashion: Fabolous Explains His Love For And The Hip-Hop History Of Nike’s Air Force 1 (Video)

Dude. Fab says he owns about 200 pairs of them 1’s… and you KNOW that they are the premium, in premium, condition sicknesses!! And speaking of sicknesses, watch F-A-B-O speaking on his obsession for the sneaks.

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Check Out Nike’s Air Foamposite One Metallic Varsity Red 2017 Retro Sneaker (Video)

I’m not a Diehard sneaker fiend but when I see something I like I’m copping them. They came out today May 19th, but we’ll give out review soon…

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Look At The New Nike Shoe With EARL (Electro-Adaptive Reactive Laces) Technology

Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot.

Posted by WIRED on Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Duuuude! I was on some Phresher (waitWAITwait a minute) when I watched this. So we did not get the “Back To The Future” hoverboard like we were supposed to by now, but aren’t these the shoes from the movies? Wow!

Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot.
– Wired


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Lebron Gets Sentimental Over His Nike Sneakers (Video)

That first pair of custom sneaks. We all remember getting those, right? Anybody? Well… if you do… treasured memory forever!

King James shows us the holy grail of his wardrobe, dishes on his new signature sneaker–the Nike LeBron 13–and warns competitors about the mental edge that lets him “bust your a$$.”

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Lebron James’ Training Day (Video)

Baller/champion, heart of the Miami Heat King LeBron James enters his 11th year in the NBA. How does he celebrate? Rolling out with his “crew”… for starters…. training day Nike-style. Fun video.

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Nike Basketball: ‘The Ring Maker’ (Video)

LeBron and the ring maker go way back to the days of Akron afros and high school dunks. When one sliced through the paint, the other carved through wax. Together, their journey has proven that even those destined for greatness have to earn it.”

Just do it.

2012 All-Star Weekend In Orlando Nike Montage with DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, Dwyane Wade, & Carmelo Anthony (Video)

Kobe Talks With Nike Shoe Designer Eric Avar (Video)

Kobe talks with Eric Avar, shoe designer with Nike about his new shoe. A lot of design goes into these shoes and it seems like Kobe is really engaged in the mechanics of what make a good basketball shoe.

Amar’e Stoudemire’s Lockout Job at Foot Locker (Video)

Word is that the lockout may be ending soon but, I’ll believe it when I see it…Until then, dudes need jobs B.