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The Game Takes A Page From Flavor Flav In New Reality TV Show (Video)

The Game says the only thing still missing in his life is a lady to love (got close: flashback to “Marrying The Game”). Well, he’s gonna find one dammit. And he’s gonna get his friends to help. And they’re gonna put the potentials through some serious paces to test their worthiness. And they’re recording all this for television. And you can watch, starting August 10, 2015 (9PM EST on VH1).

And NO… the show is NOT called The Game Of Love. It’s called “She’s Got Game.” Check out the trailer above.

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Flavor Flav Arrested for Felony Assault, Bails Out For $23,000

Here we go again. Damn Flav!

TMZ, E! and other sources have confirmed that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee has been arrested for threatening a teen boy with a deadly weapon. Apparently, Flavor Flav (born William Drayton, Jr.) got into a heated argument with his fiancee, Liz Trujillo, and her son at his home. The argument turned violent, with Flav getting physical with Trujillo and threatening her son with a knife. Flav’s fiancee called 911, and Flav was taken away in police cuffs at 3 AM EST, Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

The Public Enemy hypeman & reality TV star had his initial hearing 7:30am Thursday, he was released on bail for the amount of $23,000 he was scheduled to appear. Although it is unclear as of yet if he has an attorney he is due to appear in court next week on felony assault and misdemeanor domestic batter charges. If convicted Flavor Flav is facing 6 years in prison for the assault.
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Public Enemy Nominated For The 2013 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

DJ Lord used Twitter to let the world know that the legendary group Public Enemy, for whom he deejays, has been nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. USA Today posted a brief online reporting the announcement and information on the final selection process:

‘Inductees will be determined by the hall’s voting body of roughly 600 artists, historians and music industry professionals. An artist or band becomes eligible for a nomination 25 years after releasing a debut single or album. This year’s nominees released their first recordings no later than 1987.’

See DJ Lord’s Tweet after the jump. READ THE USA TODAY WRITE-UP HERE.


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Flavor Flav Hugs New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin After Super Bowl XLVI Win (Video)

When I saw this the other night I literally doubled over in laughter! Following NY Giants head coach Tom Coughlin’s Super Bowl XLVI winning post game interview last night, Flavor Flav walks up & Tom gives him a hug! Now I don’t know if Tom Coughlin even knew who Flav was but this was hilarious! Props to Deadspin.

Public Enemy Performs Free Show in Soweto, South Africa (Video)

When I went to South Africa for the first time last year it was one of the most enjoyable & memorable experiences of my life. I took advantage to soak it all in from the cosmopolitan areas to the hoods of Soweto which is short for “Southwestern Townships”.Public Enemy took a journey near the cradle of civilization to show love to the people of Soweto about 30 miles or so outside of the capital of Johannesburg. Many of the people I met in South Africa told me that when American artists come to visit they never go & hang out with the people or visit Soweto. I’m not surprised to see Chuck D in this video let the people of Soweto know to hold those artists accountable when they come their country. Chuck D wasn’t lying when he mentioned on his twitter page that he thinks he left his heart in South Africa.

Flavor Flav On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Flavor Flav stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to speak on a variety things including crashing into Ice-T’s ferrari, playing Michael Jordan in basketball, & more stories in his new book based on his life…..part 2 under the hood…..

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Flavor Flav Talks Chicken & Vodka With Davey D (Video)

While on tour with his band Public Enemy, Flavor Flav talked with Davey D about his chicken franchise, a new vodka he’s releasing & his new book that’s coming out. Chuck D’s comment at the end is kinda hilarous. Hahaa! If you’re in Atlanta next Friday night make sure you stop by MJQ Concourse as Flavor Flav will be hosting for DJ Lord’s birthday with DJ Fudge & DJ Majestik also on the 1s & 2s.

Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken Commercial (Video)

Flavor Flav Cooking On The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show (Video)

Flavor Flav says his special secret spices are ‘Flavor Flav Crystals’…..I hope he’s not putting crack in his chicken…
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Flavor Flav’s New Chicken Restaurant In Iowa (Video)

Most pause worthy quote from Flavor Flav…. “I season my meat first”. (II) Thoughts? More video after the jump……

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