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Johnny Gill Speaks On His Career Separately & As Part Of New Edition (Video)

I mean, he did have a hit and did some work BEFORE the N.E. folks.

Johnny Gill Reveals Why He Never Felt A Part of New Edition.
– TV One

That said, I agree with DL… I would never have guessed any of this before this sit-down. Very interesting!


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DL Hughley On The Economy: ‘The Jetsons’ Vs. ‘The Flintstones’ (Video)

Interesting. Commentary on why the economy is doing well, not from the White House, or from some industry think tank, rather from a segment on The DL Hughley Show. Lean in for a few minutes of on-point real talk! Broken down in layman’s terms.


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D. L. Hughley’s Show Starts With Tax Day, Talks About Tiger Woods’ Athletics, And Talks To Russell Peters (Video)

Did… did anyone get the ‘Athletics’ thing I was trying to do in the title? Slipping in ‘Russell’ Peters… a tongue-in-cheek reference to Russell Athletics. Anyone?

Okay moving on.

Watch the show. Try to keep your blood pressure low as Fox News dares speak on Nipsey Hussle (no respect, or respek, for the fallen brother), too.


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D. L. Hughley Speaks On Michael Cohen, R. Kelly, And Jussie Smollett (Video)

D. L. Hughley said Cohen, when it came to flipping on President Trump, was like, “I ain’t gone get a [Presidential] pardon… I’m finna tell!” Bahahahaaaa!

D. L. Hughley stops by to compare the accusation against Michael Jackson and R. Kelly and the justice that needs to be served. The comedian also talks about the future of Jussie Smollett.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Talk about bringing DL’s show to TV. Yeah, DL back on TV on a regular basis would be a good look (until mainstream decides to sit him down again).

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DL Hughley on Kevin Hart Quitting The Oscars: F**k ‘Em If They Can’t Take A Joke (Video)

Interesting angle, or at least an interesting way to say it… D.L. defends the right to say something dumb… especially when it is ‘part of the business’ (saying he would never apologize for ‘telling a joke’).

In this clip, D.L. Hughley gave his take on the Kevin Hart x Oscars situation. Hughley said he would’ve never apologized like Hart eventually did. D.L. also gave his take on the LGBTQ community stating that they are becoming bullies. He said that no one should be immune to jokes being made about them. Hughley went on to break down how humor is central to humanity.
DJ Vlad

Now, D.L. and Vlad do agree with what I always say. You are free to say WHATEVER you want, but you do have to face the repercussions that come of it.


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D.L. Hughley Speaks On The ‘Over The Top’ Excitement About “Black Panther” (Video)

Whenever I see one of these ‘Notes From The G.E.D. Section’ clips from DL I take note. Real talk that is really relevant and right on time. This one is on the #WakandaForver fever most of us (or folks we know) are feeling recently. Check it.


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DL Hughley Speaks On His Side Baby, Oprah, Bill Cosby, And His Relationship With Steve Harvey (Video)

I’d rather tell on me than YOU tell on me…

So, that’s how we’re starting this DL Hughley interview. Okay! Now you HAVE to watch this, knowing that DL is gonna spill it all (side chicks, side babies, and all)… some stuff even before The Breakfast Club gets to ask!

All that. Plus HILARIOUS! Plus, Jasmine Sanders is cute yo.


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DL Hughley Speaks On Generational Wealth, The Struggle For Civil Rights For Gay People Vs. Black People, And How Comedy Has Helped Humans Evolve (Video)

Black people are jealous of gay people… It’s not hate. It’s jealousy.

Interesting how taglines are chosen. This clip is actually a Part 10 of what we thought was a six-part conversation with DL Hughley. And it is entitled “Black People are Jealous of Gay People,” which is covered in here. BUT Hughley’s thoughts on how important and intrinsic comedy is to humanity are the bulk of what was discussed, and so incredibly insightful. Watch above.

D.L. Hughley opened up to VladTV about his thoughts on generational wealth, his favorite comedians, and how comedy has helped humans evolve.

When it comes to his favorite comedians, D.L. named off Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Redd Foxx, and Robin Harris, and he shared why Dick Gregory and Mark Twain illustrated the human condition in the best way. He also mentioned coming up with Jamie Foxx and being mad that someone could be as talented as the “Ray” actor.

After sharing his thoughts on how Ellen was integral in the way people saw the gay community, D.L. explains how comedy has led to the evolution of humans. You can hear more about what he had to say in the above clip.

DJ Vlad

(If you want, you can catch up with Parts seven, eight, and nine after the jump. Then watch 10 above. If you want…)

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