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Regina Hall Promotes Her New Series And Shares Some Of Her Dating Wisdom (Video)

Regina Hall. This interview adds to her level of sexy. You SEE her (obviously), but throughout the course of this interview, you get to see what she is saying.

Regina Hall Talks Relationships, Secret Tips For Women and New Show ‘Black Monday’
Sway’s Universe

I am left with two questions though: (1) Who actually farted and (2) is she really smashing with the Yoni egg in her vijay though… for real??


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Token – “2019 Sway In The Morning Freestyle” (Video)

Token has been through the Sway In The Morning set. They know he is a lyrical hyena! Think he eases back because the pressure is off? Shiiiiiid! If you think that, you don’t know Token. Passionate, aggressive neck-snapping rapping on deck! Watch.

(You might get a little choked up at the end. Fair warning.)


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Neil deGrasse Tyson Speaks On Living With No Regrets And Various Science Topics (Video)

Newton is a bada**

Because science, truth, and FACTS!! Something about the validation of one of the smartest, most respected dudes on the planet standing up for African achievement… in OUR forum… talking US… DOPE!

With a new season of Star Talk starting tonight Neil deGrasse Tyson stopped by to talk about Africa, Aliens and much more.
Sway’s Universe


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Ice T Speaks On New Album ‘It Came From Space’ And His ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Gig Being An Opportunity He Turned Into A 20-year Career (Video)

Bwaahaa! Ice-T didn’t know about the Wu-Tang Clan, but he instantly knew upon meeting them that he wanted them to be on their side. Wanted no smoke from the dudes wildin’ out of Shaolin!

Ice-T stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about his new album, Law and Order, Wu-Tang Clan and MC Lyte.

Ohhhh! Mr. X is Ice’s old homie Africa Islam! And they are into some of that new-new! Great interview with Heather B at the helm for this show ep.

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Styles P Is Dave East’s Favorite Rapper, Styles P Deems Dave East Torch Worthy, And Their Album Will Be ‘Beloved’ (Video)

Wowwww… Sway’s interview intros are always fire! Though they’d never admit it, Styles P and Dave East (and Heather B) had to be GASSED with the setup to start this interview. Talk about the greatest rappers, their collabo project and recording process and more.


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Nipsey Hussle Talking And Taking “Victory Lap” For A Spin (Video)

Neighborhood Nip is nothing like other rap ninjas! Watch and hear him tell you how.

Nipsey Hussle Breaks Down “Victory Lap” & Working with Kendrick Lamar, Cee-Lo, Puff & More.
Sway’s Universe

“Victory Lap” is out now. Strong!



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Kool G Rap Speaks On What Motivates Him, The State Of Hip-Hop And More (Video)

Sway laid it on thick in the intro, but deservedly so. Kool G Rap is a Hip-Hop legend and OG. Above, watch Sway, Heather B, and Tracy G chat up G Rap about what brought him back to the rap game, how he sees the game today, how beef gets addressed then vs. now, ghost writers and more.

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Jesse Ventura Speaks On Black People Being The True Forerunners Of American Music, Colin Kaepernick’s Courageous Stand And More (Video)

Whoa. If former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and renegade for life was the type to be ‘scurred’ it would be for speaking up like this. Fascinating interview! Kicks off his time with Heather B on Sway In The Morning by showing a direct link between music that came from Led Zeppelin and the earlier Chitlin Circuit stuff from underappreciated Black music legend Robert Johnson.

All American music originates from [the Black people] that were brought here.
Jesse Ventura

Watch as Ventura goes in with the knowledge, his life experiences, political experiences & views (esp. on the upcoming presidential election and voting FOR someone, not AGAINST someone)… how he came to learn “what it feels like to be a Black man in America”… the Colin Kaepernick situation… his legalize-it book “Marijuana Manifesto” and so much more!

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King Los Kills his Freestyle on Sway In the Morning (Video)

There was a time when if you were a rapper and you went on a Hip Hop Show guess what you did?  You would actually go on there and Rap, Freestyle at worst kick a written verse just perform at least.  This is not the case today it is not required or asked of to have artists get busy on the mic.  Sway who hosts Sway in the Morning on Sirius radio keeps the tradition alive by having emcees do what he calls the 5 fingers of death.  Where he changes up the beat and periodically throws out words that the emcee has to keep the freestyle going based off those words.  He had King Los stop by and it’s safe to say that Los snapped during this segment.  Successfully completing the 5 fingers of death and continuing to freestyle acapella for an additional two minutes on his own.  This had Sway talking his talk about wack excess along with Heather B! Pick up King Los new album God, Money War out now on iTunes

Wack emcees stay home with your broke baby mother who can’t buy you a movie screen for your video games N@!*A – Heather B

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Fat Joe Reflects Back But Looks Forward to ‘Another Day’ with Sway In The Morning (Video)

Fat Joe stops by Sway in the Morning and updates fans on his relationship with Remy Ma, and assures that when she is released she will take over the rap game once again. Fat Joe also shares some rappers who have inspired him growing up in Bronx, NY. Before leaving, Fat Joe kicks a dope freestyle over an old school beat.” – Sway


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Pete Rock x Camp Lo Chat With Heather B And Perform “Clean Getaway” For The ‘Sway in the Morning’ In-Studio Concert Series (Video)

Soul Brother #1. Pete Rock. Camp Lo. Geechi Suede. Sonny Cheeba. Heather B hosting the visiting team… and they perform “Clean Getaway” LIVE y’all. This is one of many from their FREE “80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Pt II” mixtape download. There’s some good talk on there, too. Beef rumor right from the start into respect talk (for Large Pro, DMC of Run-DMC, Kendrick Lamar for his “Control” verse)… then the performance… then after the performance, you get Pete Rock’s top 3 producers (BONUS)!

They were on Sirius with Tony Touch pushing the latest “80 Blocks” earlier… and we posted that (earlier). They dropped verbal jewels then, too!


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