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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2019 Cyphers (Video)

So they got the Cyphers up already? And I’m sharing the funny one first. Why? Because DOPE!

Just watch it, get your chuckles in, then hit the jump for more!

#BET #HipHopAwards2019


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The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Show Presents The 2018 Doomsday Cypher Parts 1 & 2 (Video)

It’s the 2018 year-end celebration, you mickeys, and you fickeys! And how are these folks celebrating? By bringing us a room full of HYENAAAAS who came to EAT these banging azz BEATS!

The Doomsday Cypher is a celebration pairing some of the biggest producers in Hip-Hop with some of the most talented and hungry rappers in the game. Each of the emcees has been hand-picked by Sway Calloway and the morning show team to participate in one of the biggest events in our culture.

The 2018 Doomsday Cypher was curated by DJ Premier, Jahlil Beats and Powers Pleasant.

Sway’s Universe

Emcees engaged on stage: Chyna Black, AK, Lyric Da Queen, The Philharmonik, Rikki Blu, Bones Brigante, Nova, TR3, and Young Devyn.

Start with the first part up top. Keep the fire going with part two after the jump. Epic!


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Young Devyn ‘Riding Out’ To A Beat In The Passenger Seat (Video)

Wow! Young Devyn has been in the game since BEFORE becoming the 16-year-old phenom we’ve come to respect and check for. Seems crazy to say that an early teen has YEARS in the game, but then I think about the Golden Era (Da Youngstas, Shyheim The Rugged Child, all the way up through Buckshot Shorty and way more) and YEP! That’s how it was, and that’s how it is in real Hip-Hop.

Or, at least, how it is SUPPOSED to be. Stop with the mumblin’ young’ns… Get your BARZ up! Like Young Devyn.

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Young Devyn – “Bars On I-95 Freestyle” (Video)

When Young Devyn did the Friday Freestyle for Sway, he told her to go on every show and wreck! And best believe the mid-teen phenom emcee is doing just that! Watch her work on this ep of ‘Freestyles On Bars On I-95.’



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Young Devyn On The ‘Sway In The Morning’ Friday Fire Cypher (Video)

This 16-year old phenom, Young Devyn, is a HYENAAAAA!!!! I have to believe Sway will let her get at that ‘Five Fingers Of Death’ challenge soon, too.

Great interview! Fire rhyming!!


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