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Michael Rapaport Was There When Pac And Snoop Met (Video)

Yoooo! The Stormy Fronts commentary ruled (funny and fine af)! Rapaport was cool (but excited to be there) as a fan blowing the smoke cloud away from Snoop… but the ‘weather’ report though. Yessssirrrr! Oh okay, the ‘news’ was good, too.

Today on GGN, the one and only Michael Rapaport stops by and describes bearing witness to the first time Snoop and Pac met. All this and more on this week’s GGN… u-bitch-u!!! Make sure you check out the “I Am Rapaport Podcast” on iTunes, or at for more of this guy’s lunacy!


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Snoop Dogg Welcomes DJ Khaled To GGN (Video)

Awesome episode of GGN with the wisdom and witticism. Lots of fun. But… why did they make the Stormy Frontz segment so damn short?! She’s FI-YAAHH though (being kinda literal). Watch it through.

They don’t want you to watch this episode of GGN so you’re watching this episode of GGN. Snoop Dogg aka Nemo Hoes kicks off 2016 with DJ Khaled you funky b!tch you.

DJ Khaled discusses his Snapchat and reminsces about collaborating with Snoop Dogg on “All I Do Is Win.”

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Just Blaze Talks To Snoop About Working On The New Slaughterhouse Album And More (Video)

Ah yes. Just Blaze one of the best at beasting out the bangingest beats. Well, ol’ Snoop is more about smoking… er… the mic. Aw f#ck it. You know what this is, and why we share it at noon. Watch out for ‘Stormy Frontz’ in Nipple, Utah (hahaaa) while you watch the clip above. Learn about Blaze’s festival touring and current and future directions in music (including producing for Slaughterhouse).

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Snoop Dogg With Freddie Gibbs On GGN Network (Video)

Hey, smoke ’em if you got ’em! But if you wait a bit, Freddie Gibbs will let you know his fave strain to hit. That and more this episode on Snoop Dogg’s GGN. Also learn what inspired Gibbs to rap, and his take on fatherhood and um…

OH YEAH! The Stormy Frontz report. Sexy weather report on the Interwebs!

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Jhene Aiko x Snoop Dogg on GGN (Video)

“First of all… Jhene Aiko don’t need you so don’t get any funny ideas. She stops by the GGN desk to talk about the international success of her laid back, expressive, emotional music. Her and her daughter got girl scout cookies for y’all and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of GGN… u-funkybitch-u!!!” – Snoop Dogg

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T-Pain Tells Snoop Why He Let The Locks Go (Video)

Whoa! T-Pain cut off all the dreadlocks. But why? Well, the way he tells it to Snoop on GGN, fatherhood threw him off balance for a bit. Getting a career white hot, balling out of control, grinding for more while he’s got the spotlight, then came family… It got to be too much…not even fun for him. Can’t have So he stepped back. Had to let some things go; some things that were hard to let go.

“It was just some things I had trouble letting go of in my life, so I figured if I can let go of the hair, I can let go of anything.”

So it began with the hair. And it looks like Pain (formerly DJ Pain, always something on which to fall back in Jacksonville) is getting it back together; back into the music. Wonder if that battle with the strip club addiction is on-going (EXPENSIVE habit, we posted on that here).

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Snoop Dogg Gets ‘Deebo’ on GGN (Video)

You know that ‘six degrees’ game where you link celebrities to each other via the stuff they appeared in with celeb friends/costars they have in common? Snoop just made that easy for linking Tiny Lister (‘Deebo’ from the “Friday” movies) to himself. Snoop got ‘Deebo’ on GGN for some good chit-chat… AND got him to smile… big cheese’n (wonder how… hmm).

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Pharrell On Snoop’s GGN Network (Video)

“The long awaited interview with none other than Pharrell Williams. This episode is full of mutual admiration, classic stories, and an all around iconoclastic explosiveness that will knock your Arby’s hat clean off… u-funky-bitch-u.” – Snoop Dogg (GGN Network)

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Russell Simmons On Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network (Video)

Russell Simmons joins Snoop Dogg on GGN. The Godfather and The DoggFather. Talking about the early days of Hip-Hop culture, about that green (*cough* you know Uncle Rush got down back in the day)… and Snoop tries some “green” eating: a vegan pastrami sandwich.

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