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Snoop Dogg – “I Wanna Thank Me” (Prod. By Battlecat) [Video]

Hey, braggadocio is at the heart of emceeing. Not mad at The DoggFather at all for this. Got a list of reasons he is where he is because of what he has done! Speaking on his own greatness, standing flat-footed with the balls to look you in the eyeballs while spitting his truth. What!!



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Snoop Dogg – “Toss It” feat. Too $hort (Video)

Jump in the Brougham…beeyotch!

Hmmm… Several dogs, but looks like there are no actual bitches in this visual. Lots and lots of Honeyz in this for the Doggy Dogg’s dog. Literally brought sand to the beach in this visual. See what happens when you turn your son (Cordell Broadus) loose on a video, Snoop? Hahaaa! Guesting on the track: None other than Oaktown’s Too Short pimpin’!

“Neva Left” is out now.


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Jidenna And Snoop Dogg Shoot The Breeze Through Good Trees While They Talk About Making Moves, Music And More (Video)

Did you know Jidenna did “Long Live The Chief” on an episode of Luke Cage? Whether you did or not, The Classic Man talks with Uncle Snoop about that… and going to Stanford, making and working connects there, Janelle Monae, and much more.

Plus other views, smoke, and Stormy Frontz weather (yes!) on this edition of GGN News.


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Dr. Dre Says Hearing Snoop Dogg For The First Time Made Him Want To Do A Solo Album (Video)

Okay, so if there is any nod to Snoop’s importance to Hip-Hop history… Dr. Dre got the idea to do a solo album after hearing the Dogg snap on a track. Boom! More real talk like this on “The Defiant Ones” – coming to HBO this July.

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Snoop Dogg – “Promise You This” (Video)

And just when folks were thinking all Snoop was doing from here on out was fly azz GGN episodes… Yeah, still that, too, probably. But Dogg isn’t in the business of making promises. He will “Promise You This” one thing though: “Neva Left” is coming in 2017.


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Snoop And Gabriel Iglesias ‘Huff & Puff’ And Talk About Stuff On GGN (Video)

Double G got that oowee! Not just that sticky that has comedian Gabriel coughing up a lung… but that Stormy Frontz… OOWEE!! Made Snoop do a walkthrough during the ‘report’ to get a better view 😉


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Fashawn Joins Snoop Dogg On ‘GGN’ (Video)

When you are on GGN with Uncle Snoop, you ARE busy! You don’t take calls… UNLESS it’s your moms… AND she REALLY wants to talk to Snoop Dogg… and ‘put one in the air’ with The Doggfather. Hahaaaa! Well played Nephew Fashawn.

Most of you probably recognize Fashawn from XXL’s 2010 Freshman Cover, but now you have the chance to get to know him on an elevated level as he sits down with Snoop Dogg to talk about music, weed, sex, and more on the newest episode of GGN.

But YOOOOOOO! The Stormy Fronts from Frankfurt on here! She says it’s ‘HOT and WET’ in Germany! You may not know what she’s saying, but you feel her (or want to). And check out Fashawn’s “The Ecology” (still moving on that).


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Snoop Dogg And Sugar Ray Leonard Face-Off On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ (Video)

WaitWHAT?! Snoop Dogg missed the Family Feud toss-up question for the category of… WEED???? Aw hell no. Steve Harvey’s reaction when Snoop beat Sugar Ray Leonard to the buzzer though. Hahaaaaaa!!

We can’t believe Snoop Dogg didn’t get the top answer right away! He was pretty quick to hit the buzzer though. So what would Grandma do? Watch Celebrity Family Feud on Sundays at 8|7c on ABC.

Soooo… do you think Maw-Maw might ask for a li’l “medicine” for her… um… cataracts?

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Comedy: The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball with Snoop Dogg (Video)

Hahaaaaaa! This is genius captured in visual form. This Jimmy Kimmel Live clip featuring Snoop’s hizzistorical commentary is hizzsterical!!

The NBA has been around for a very long time. The game has obviously changed a lot over the years, so we invited basketball historian Snoop Dogg to share some insight on how things have transformed over the years.

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Snoop Dogg – “The Return Of Doggystyle Records” (EP)


Snoop bringing back his “Doggystyle Records” for the first time (e.g. hitting us with previously unreleased heat)! Three songs strong for a nice representation of the sentiment. Enjoy the ‘Cloud stream.


Snoop Dogg Welcomes Seth Rogen Back To GGN (Video)

Wow! One of the YouTube commenters on this ep had an INCREDIBLE idea: “Pineapple Express 2” starring Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg. Hate if you want, but that sh!t would be dope… like that headbanger oowee you KNOW they are puffing on GGN. Well, this is another conversation though; about a sequel that is already in the can and ready for a theater screen near you.

The one and only Seth Rogen comes back to GGN to discuss his new movie, “Neighbors 2”. It’s just like old times with plenty of smoking and laughs on this weeks GGN you-funky-bitch-you.

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Noisey Bompton: Growing Up With Kendrick Lamar (Parts 2 Through 6) [Video]

Yessir! This is the rest of the K.Dot & Compton mini-doc “Bompton” from VICE Noisey. You might want to take a look at the Part 1 post (here) before hitting play above for Part 2. Parts 3 through 6 are after the jump. Incredible insights on the man who is currently considered to be the man in Hip-Hop by many today.


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Noisey Bompton: Growing Up With Kendrick Lamar (Part 1) [Video]

Surely you did not think it was a game when we said that Kendrick Lamar said he would rep Compton for life, did you? He got the Key To The City and he’s still locked in! Well, Noisey is dropping six parts of proof for the last one or two of you doubters out there. Yep, VICELAND Noisey sent one of their Whitest reporters out to the Blood side of Compton (that’s Bompton) to talk to K.Dot and give us perspective on the hood love he gets now and what it was like “Growing up with Kendrick Lamar.” Hood pass granted!

Compton, California, is one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated locales, the birthplace of acts like N.W.A. and, more recently, Kendrick Lamar. It’s also home to a complicated gang culture. ‘Noisey Bompton’ centers around Kendrick Lamar and the friends he grew up with on the West Side of Compton, many of whom feature on the cover of his album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly.’ In the first of six segments, we sit down with Kendrick to talk about his acclaimed albums, pay a visit to his high school, Centennial, and get to know his childhood friend Lil L.

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Lalah Hathaway – “Ghetto Boy” feat. Snoop Dogg x Robert Glasper x Terrace Martin (Video)

Lalah Hathaway covers her dad’s 1971 classic and brings in Snoop Dogg, Robert Glasper & Terrace Martin for the ride and vibe. Nice. Visuals for “Ghetto Boy” above. Link to the iTunes for this single below.


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Snoop Dogg Welcomes DJ Khaled To GGN (Video)

Awesome episode of GGN with the wisdom and witticism. Lots of fun. But… why did they make the Stormy Frontz segment so damn short?! She’s FI-YAAHH though (being kinda literal). Watch it through.

They don’t want you to watch this episode of GGN so you’re watching this episode of GGN. Snoop Dogg aka Nemo Hoes kicks off 2016 with DJ Khaled you funky b!tch you.

DJ Khaled discusses his Snapchat and reminsces about collaborating with Snoop Dogg on “All I Do Is Win.”

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Daz x Snoop Dogg – “N My Life Tyme” feat. Kurupt


Fresh off the muthaf— (okay, cussing too damn much nowadays). Rewind! Fresh off the press is Daz and Snoop’s single “N My Life Tyme” (listen via the link below) to get us ready for the collabo project dropping today; “Cuzznz.”

(WHEW! A word of advice: Close and go listen to this jawn NOW. They snatching down copies/links everywhere as soon as they go up!)


Just Blaze Talks To Snoop About Working On The New Slaughterhouse Album And More (Video)

Ah yes. Just Blaze one of the best at beasting out the bangingest beats. Well, ol’ Snoop is more about smoking… er… the mic. Aw f#ck it. You know what this is, and why we share it at noon. Watch out for ‘Stormy Frontz’ in Nipple, Utah (hahaaa) while you watch the clip above. Learn about Blaze’s festival touring and current and future directions in music (including producing for Slaughterhouse).

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Classic Clips 1996: Snoop Dogg x Tupac Shakur Mobilize The Community To Vote (Video)

Remember when Hip-Hop HAD to say something?? Even the most gangsta, clowning around, sex-driven, smoke-you-down, or whatever rap act had to have a stance on, or answers to, the political questions of the day back in The Golden Era. Well, check out some visual ’90s gold: Death Row Records labelmates Snoop, Tupac, Hammer (yup)… even CEO Suge Knight at a political rally doing right by the community. Great clip!

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Snoop Dogg With Freddie Gibbs On GGN Network (Video)

Hey, smoke ’em if you got ’em! But if you wait a bit, Freddie Gibbs will let you know his fave strain to hit. That and more this episode on Snoop Dogg’s GGN. Also learn what inspired Gibbs to rap, and his take on fatherhood and um…

OH YEAH! The Stormy Frontz report. Sexy weather report on the Interwebs!

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Killer Mike Speaks On His Days With Outkast, Coachella And More (Video)

We know, we know. You saw ‘GGN’ and now you’re ready for the sexy weather report already. Take it eeeeasy, maaan. We will definitely get to that. But first, let’s listen to the brother Killer Mike speak on it. Even in laid back smoke mode with the Dogg Father there are sure to be gems to take away from the convo.

On this episode of GGN, Nemo Hoes chops it up with 1/2 of Run The Jewels, Killer Mike, about his beginnings with Outkast to being ranked one of the best performers at Coachella. Also, Stormy Fronts gives us the weather forecast for her deep gap.

And ohhhh what a forecast. Damn, it’s a HOT one!

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