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Comedy/Performance: Hannibal Buress Speaks On NYC As A ‘Special’ Place (Video)

Guess I am way too much a country boy (not ‘Jill-billy’ country, but close LOL). If I would have faced half of what Hannibal faced (per this hilarious clip), I would have been all ‘Pack It Up, Pack It In’… and went to ‘Jump, Jump’ back on the plane going South… out of New York. Yeezus West!

Hannibal Buress remembers getting his hat stolen by a very confident thief and getting into a car accident on his birthday.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up


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Performance/Comedy: Hannibal Buress On Self-Improvement & Being Cool In Shades (Video)

What is your position on ‘zipper politics’ though? Have you even thought about it? Because Hannibal has.

Hannibal Buress explains why he’s wearing sunglasses indoors and complains about people who tell him to zip up his pants. (Contains strong language.)
– Comedy Central Stand-Up


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Jean Grae x Quelle Chris – “Gold Purple Orange” (Video)

Somehow perfect that folks like Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress are in this to add to the extinction level craziness of this visual event. “Gold Purple Orange” by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris… because why the f**k not?!

It’s a fun video. Our friends are in it.
We played dress up. I love editing and shooting and directing videos. In that way, it was also a f**king blast.
– Mello Music Group

(Yooo… Grae in that black bra though yo… wowww.)

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Daddy’s Home (Trailer)

Wanna have a fun for almost the entire family good time at the theater? Bet on Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg acting like some fools in “Daddy’s Home.” The trailer is teasing a bunch of laughs; Ferrell, playing a stepdad being foiled at most every turn by bad boy former-but-always-biological-dad played by Wahlberg. Got a trailer above, with a bonus trailer version after the jump.

Both dads love the kids… just kinda differently. In theaters December 25, 2015.

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Thundercat Performs “Them Changes” On ‘Why?’ With Hannibal Buress (Video)

Nice! Looks like Hannibal Buress is stepping to fill a hole left in Comedy Central’s nighttime programming, given the departures of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: live performances! Here’s a good ‘un from a fav of ours – Thundercat. Remember that vid for “Them Changes” justed posted here a while back? Well, dude does it live (video embedded above) with Flying Lotus. Dennis Hamm in there doing work on keyboards, too!

One of the baddest bassists in the land… his name is Thundercat!
Hannibal Buress



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