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Jean Grae x Quelle Chris – “Everything’s Fine” (Album)

Mad eclectic from the start if you are into that… And when you get to the “House Call” jawn (featuring Big Tone, Anna Wise, and Jonathan Hoard), the dope is bricked into some BARZ! Something for everyone on this project, including some interesting quest appearance choices. Check it!


Jean Grae x Quelle Chris – “Gold Purple Orange” (Video)

Somehow perfect that folks like Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress are in this to add to the extinction level craziness of this visual event. “Gold Purple Orange” by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris… because why the f**k not?!

It’s a fun video. Our friends are in it.
We played dress up. I love editing and shooting and directing videos. In that way, it was also a f**king blast.
– Mello Music Group

(Yooo… Grae in that black bra though yo… wowww.)

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Jean Grae – “What You Came For” (Prod. By Quelle Chris)


Dooooope!!! Jean Grae with another banger. This one’s for Black Panther and the Marvel Universe. Big!

“What You Came For” EXCLUSIVE! Inspired by now and in collaboration with Marvel’s Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet (Part Three). What? Yeah. What are you here for? What are you here to do? Don’t be afraid to do it, take action and speak your mind. REVOLUTION.

More after the jump, including commentary from Ta-Nehisi Coates (Writer, Black Panther).


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Bodega Brovas – “Meat Cleaver” feat. Jean Grae (Prod. By Picnictyme)

Say ‘NO’ to bullying. On the job, at school, anywhere in life. More than a ‘new cool’ way to be; consider it health advice. Listen in to Bodega Brovas and Jean Grae telling y’all how bad it can go down if you don’t follow that advice.

Tough day on the job? Punks stressing you at school? Kill everybody……With Kindness?

“Meat Cleaver” beat by Picnictyme.


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Jean Grae – “underneathu” (Video)

Jean Grae is always doing something creative & in this new video she takes it back to the 80s like a late night public access television show performance that’s ‘blacker than black’ with a EXTREMELY high light skinned host played by Adam Mansbach. Hahaaaa! Check out this interesting new video for the Prince-inspired ‘underneathu’ that appears on her album #5 featuring Jean Grae & her band ‘The Everybody’s Pregnant’. Yeah I know…. the name for her band is wild as hell.

“underneathu” starring:
Jean Grae and The Everybody’s Pregnant:
Jean Grae: Jean
Quelle Chris: Walt Chocolate
Donwill: The Mechanic
Sonnymoon: Leticia J and Ricky Diamond
Fernanda Meier: Kiki
host: Adam Mansbach


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Jean Grae – “Mask”


Jean Grae says, “Take off your ‘Mask’ and show me your face… I love you… There’s nothing wrong with the chinks in your armor.” You know, ‘Jeannie’ goes hard; but are you ready for how disarmingly soft she can be? Not ‘soft’ like not Hip-Hop. But soft like your dream B-Girl is supposed to be (at least sometimes). Stream the single “Mask” and pre-order the EP entitled “Jeannie” below.


Life With Jeannie (Episode 1) [Video]

“This is Brooklyn!”

And this is BK’s own, Jean Grae, repping it to the fullest in Episode 1 of her new sitcom series, ‘Life With Jeannie.’ sitcom. Part 1 of Episode 1 is “My First Baby Jesus” (above). Parts 2-4 are posted after the jump.

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Jean Grae Speaks On The Importance Of Nelson Mandela (Video)

Reminiscent and reflective, Capetown (South Africa) born emcee Jean Grae aka ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Superhero’ urges anyone who does not know something about the late great Nelson Mandela to look him up online, learn something, and share what was learned. Mandela was too important to her South African heritage… too important to the world to do any less. Hear what Grae has to say in the Revolt TV clip above.

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Jean Grae – “Kill Screen” (Video)

Jean Grae filmed, directed, and edited this video (at the same damn time… hahaaa)! Pretty dark. With the single sampling the video game “Donkey Kong,” one might figure the video would have a more “playful” touch. But it’s NOT a game to Grae. Jean Greasy doesn’t roll like that; especially when the single is entitled “Kill Screen.” It’s good though. Click and watch above. Hmmm… you see any ‘hidden messages’ in this??

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Jean Grae – “Kill Screen”

You already KNOW this Jean Grae joint, “Kill Screen” (aka Steve Wiebe), is getting spun on The Beatz & Lyrics Show with JayForce. Well, if you don’t knowwww, now you knowwww. By the way, the Steve Wiebe reference is indeed to the underdog profiled in the documentary “King of Kong” – as Grae identifies with underdogs and video game-playing nerds. “Kill Screen” (aka Steve Wiebe) is Jean’s bonus cut for her upcoming “Gotham Down album. Classic ape s#$t lyricism on this track. And what could be sicker than the Donkey Kong sample flips on this Jean Greasy self-produced track? C’mon! Dope! Check the above average wordplay. Download it. Right here.


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Jean Grae Refuses To ‘Camouflage’ Who She Is In Order To ‘Fit In’ (Video)

Known throughout Hip-Hop’s underground as “The Cameo Queen,” indy emcee extraordinaire Jean Grae (born Tsidi Ibrahim) was the first female to feature on the “I Don’t Camouflage” series. Daughter to South African Jazz musicians Sathima Bea Benjamin and Abdullah IbrahimJean Grae shares her childhood memories (growing up in New York City), her cultural influences from her family and race, her take on this generation, and how she simply CANNOT blend in.
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Pharoahe Monch x Jean Grae Perform In South Africa (Video)

While still touring & still supporting his dope “W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)” album, Pharoahe Monch alongside the equally as dope lyricist Jean Grae made a tour stop in South Africa for the Capetown International Jazz Festival. In the video above they speak on their first time visiting South Africa to perform, Pharoahe’s decision to shoot a video for his next single “Haile Selassie Karate” while in SA, & more. Watching the video has me anxious to get back to South Africa. I can’t wait to go back & visit again….
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New Music: Jean Grae – “U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow” (Prod. By M Phazes)

This is what I’ve been waiting to hear from the Jeanius. Dope song produced by M Phazes. Real jazzy hip hop iddish. From Jean’s upcoming Cake or Death LP.

Willie Evans Jr. – ‘Introducin’ (Video)

First single and video off Willie Evan’s critically acclaimed album of the same name on Sucio Smash’s label. Introducin’ features appearances by Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, label head & dj Sucio Smash, porn star & hip hop head Sinnamon Love and Bossy Delilah. Yeah….This is BEYOND dope!!!

Jean Grae: Inside The Mind Of A Jenius Part 1 & 2 (Video)

Jean Grae sits down with TheWellVersed while in Las Vegas to discuss why she performs songs that nobody has ever heard before, what’s the holdup on “Cake or Death”, how important the mixing process is to an album and how disposable music is today. Part 2 is under the hood…
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Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot & Jean Grae CMJ Rehearsal (Video)

Talib, Pharaohe, Buckshot, and Jean Grae preparing for thier CMJ show the 22nd!

Jean Grae Performs ‘Change My Life’ at A3C (Video)

More coverage of the madness that was A3C weekend in Atlanta. Here we have Miss Jeannie performing. Missed her show two years in a row!!! SMH. Hope she performed #8.


A sit down intimate interview with Jean Grae where she says some true things and some not so true things about herself.

Talib Kweli featuring Jean Grae – “Uh Oh” [Extended Video]

Here’s the complete full length version of “Uh Oh” from off of Talib Kweli’s dope ‘Gutter Rainbows’ album that dropped by in January of this year. He needs to keep the videos from that project coming to round the year out right.

Talib Kweli – ‘Uh Oh’ featuring Jean Grae (Video)

Video from Talib Kweli’s Gutter Rainbows album. Pretty cool visuals.