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Performance: Black Moon & Smif N Wessun At Hiero Day 2019 (Video)

Oh, it ain’t over folks. Heiro Day 2019. This is how we do! Tek, Steele, and Buckshot. Bucktown Bootcamp! Get into this ASAP!

Smif N Wesson along with Black Moon rocked the Hiero Day stage in Oakland! It took place in downtown Oakland but trust me the Bootcamp Click brought Bucktown to Oaktown. Rocking classic bangers to current new music they had the crowd singing along. Enjoy and make plans to be in Oakland next labor day for Hiero Day 2020!

Shout to the homie Odell and big thanks for sharing this!


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Performance: Little Brother With A Good Rap For The Hiero Day Crowd & A Good Word For #TeamJayforce (Video)

Wow! Now this is EPIC!!! Thank you for sharing the experience Brother Odell #TeamJayforce #DoperThanYourTeam #JustSaying #NowShowing

Sometimes it takes a good festival to have one of your favorite Hip-Hop groups rocking out on stage. Well, I want to say thank you to Hieroglyphics Crew who had Little Brother on the bill for Hiero Day 2019. Phonte & Rapper Pooh rocked tracks from their classic “The Listening” album to current hits from the new “May The Lord Watch” album. Phonte also shares with the crowd how back in 2003 Hieroglyphics took LB out on their first tour; something that they will always be thankful for! Watch, Comment, Enjoy, and Share!
– ArtByOdell

Now, I want you to turn to your neighbor and say, “Neighbor!! This is DOPE!!”


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DJ Rhettmatic – “Rhett Got Beats” (Instrumental Mixtape)

DJ Rhettmatic shows us what 20 years of applied experience can do for a project. All dope music, no junk from the Beat Junkie. The West Coast OG is out with his own full-length instrumental beat tape, “Rhett Got Beats.”

At 18 tracks beatin’ down the block, with a bonus feature from Hieroglyphics’ Opio and Pep Love, this will fit nicely in your Street Corner Music collection.
DJ Rhettmatic


Making Of A Mural: Street Artists Honor A Tribe Called Quest (Video)

These are Hip-Hop hieroglyphics. Respect to Greg Poole. Been hearing good things about this happening, but this vid puts it in perspective. Back in the day… to now… on the Boulevard of Linden. A Tribe Called Quest. RIP Phife.

25 years after the release of their classic LP “Low End Theory,” watch as a mural honoring A Tribe Called Quest goes up at the site of their iconic 1991 video for “Check The Rhime.”
– OkayPlayer

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Hieroglyphics – “It’s Partly Me” (Video)

Hieroglyphics go back past the Golden Era 90s that spawned the crew… back to the 70s. Front and center for “It’s Partly Me” and its video (above): Heartaches and relationships. Get this as part of Hieroglyphics’ reunion album “The Kitchen” (out now).


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Hieroglyphics – “Gun Fever” (Video)

Heiroglyphics fans now have more reasons to rep the dot-dot-dot-dash (the Hiero ‘Third Eye’ logo)… “Gun Fever” and the video… relevance (re: gun control debate) AND dopenesss (that’s right, #with3sss)! Nice video by their Hiero Crew homie Casual. “Gun Fever” by Hieroglyphics (produced by Gully Duckets) is off the upcoming project “The Kitchen.”

Watch. Read. Think. Form your own opinion. Hiero is sharing facets of theirs from their platform…as is their right.

‘”We are not promoting guns or violence, but simply expressing our thoughts on the issue and encouraging further dialogue.”‘

Tajai (Hieroglyphics / Souls Of Mischief)



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Hieroglyphics – Summer 2012 Tour (Mixtape)

Thursday July 19, 2012, is the kickoff date for the legendary Hieroglyphics crew’s Summer 2012 Tour! In commemoration of the 16-city journey, Hieroglyphics has released a nice mixtape…a ni-i-i-ce mixtape for your listening (and head-nodding) pleasure. Hiero is that pyro, maaaan! What! How many of y’all been rocking with Hieroglyphics since East Oakland “93 Until Infinity” (video link), huh? If not, “That’s When Ya Lost” (video link)! HAHAAAAAA! We are sharing their FREE mixtape download link here, but be warned…THESE DUDES STAY GRINDING (e.g. they have mucho stuff for sale there, too)!


Casual & Phesto of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew rock Japan (Video)

Once again while checking out my homie Daisha Hunter’s new gig at Future Sounds TV, I spotted another interesting video from Japan this time it’s with Cali’s finest Casual & Phesto of the legendary Hieroglphics crew. The brothas were in town for the FTC 25th Anniversary party out there & gave an exclusive interview to the Future Sounds TV conglomerati at the Japanese temple in Ebisu…