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Nia Long Speaks On That ‘Cherry Thong’ Line And Her New Movie (Video)

Listen. I got kids to put through college. I will sell some cherry thongs!

Hey, hey, Sway! Back up, son. I got the answers for Nia, not you (haha)!

O…M…G! I will buy a woman some Nia Long thongs on sight!! That idea is epic. And the visual I got going in my mind right now… ooooh weee!!

Nia Long is starring in a new movie called The Banker alongside Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson coming out in March 2020. The film is about two Black men who started a company, but hired a White man to act as if he was the owner as they posed as the janitor and chauffeur as they ran the business back in the 1950’s. Nia Long stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about her role in the film.


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Performance: 2019 Sway In The Morning End of Year Cypher (Part 1 & 2) [Video]

(Part 2 after the jump.)

Got the whole two-parter to show y’all the HUNGRIEST HYENAAAAS!!! This is how you wrap a year up. Respect to Skillz and Murda. But this FIRE!!

To end off 2019 Sway invited a number of emcees for an open cypher.

Shadon, Philly Haze, K. Craig, Jonny Empire, Falease, Leff, RichStarz, Infamous Prime, Unique, Dub Aura, Scorch Da Burner, LyteWork, Eric Notes… LET’S GO!

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Nia Long Speaks On Her Cherry Thong, Why Rappers Keep Putting Her In Songs And More (Video)

Definitely NOT ‘Becky With The Good Hair’… but Nia Long (so f#cking sexy!) stays up in rappers’ rhymes (like J. Cole’s… she keeps toying with that young man… ha!). Here she is, on with Jimmy Kimmel, speaking on her sustained popularity within emcees’ rhyme schemes.

Nia talks about a few of the various times she’s been mentioned in rap lyrics and explains how a Nas song led her to purchase a cherry thong.

Hold on. Point of order, Jimmy. It was HORSE with Bravehearts (Nas’ crew) that put that ‘cherry thong’ on Nia in his “Oochie Wally” rhyme. Sweet mercy!

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WOW! Nia Long Actually Owned A Cherry Thong (Video)

Have mercy on me! About to pass out. The ridiculously sexy Nia Long being interviewed by Sway. The epitome of Eye Candy. You MUST watch. That last 3 minutes though!!!! And I didn’t even know Heather B was (1) married to (2) Horse from Bravehearts (Nas’ crew, did that “Oochie Wally” song) #Wow


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