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MLB The Show 17 (Gameplay Reveal Trailer)

It’s here! The first official gameplay of The Showâ„¢ 17. Visit to pre-order now. Get your first glimpse of Ken Griffey Jr. in action.
– PlayStation

Whether you like it, or love it, MLB The Show 17 has got a PlayStation Experience for YOU! The Gameplay Reveal Trailer above is enough to validate predictions of what a lot of dudes (and females, equal opportunity gamer-slackers…Hahaaa!) are going to be tied up doing. Nice action shots and dope choice of music. Here we go now!

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Think Baseball Games Are Too Long? So Does MLB (Video)

Baseball. If you’re a fan, you love it; including all its imperfections… the duration of the game, the pace, the lack of action, etc. But those things will have to be fixed to attract new fans; fans that are not currently ‘into’ the sport. Major League Baseball (MLB) knows. Vox knows. And now there’s a video to let us know. All that’s left is to right the ship or write the sport off as America’s Pastime.

MLB games are now longer than epic movies, but it wasn’t always that way.
– Vox

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Dominican Baseball Players (Video)

Interesting. Major League Baseball-affiliated programming that emphasizes literacy and a high school education for players; whether they get to play at a high level or not.

Over the last few decades, the Dominican Republic has changed the face of American baseball by churning out talented players whose humble beginnings have helped cultivate a unique passion for the game. That passion is often due to dire circumstances that drive all focus to the diamond instead of the classroom. The result is thousands of young Dominican men sacrificing their education and formative years for a 2% chance of making it to the big leagues.

We sent Jaimie Sanchez to Boca Chica, a small, rural town that is home to the MLB’s training camps to visit Junior Noboa. Junior is the head of Latin American Affairs for the Arizona Diamondbacks and has helped develop a digital education program for their young players. We also see Boca Chica through the eyes of two players who were forced to adjust to life back home after their dreams of major league glory never became a reality.


So, with a program that insists on some level of education, the theory is that would be players would have something to fall back on; even if the fall from potential glory is a hard one. VICE SPORTS with yet another compelling story-behind-the-story.

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20 Years A Yankee: A Farewell To Derek Jeter (Narrated By Black Thought Of The Roots) [Video]

Know anything about baseball? If so (or even if you don’t), you are probably very aware – and at least a bit melancholy – about the last trip around the diamond of New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter. Yep, the cap is calling it quits. But not before EVERYBODY (including the U.S. President) wishes him a bon voyage. The future hall-of-famer has spent all his 20 years as a pro in Yankee blue and white; so you can understand how, for even the most jaded New Yorker, it’s so haaarrrd say goodbyyyye to the team’s all-time hit leader.

But Black Thought and The Roots have got something (a song far better than the ‘attempt’ above; guaranteed). The group calls up a 2009 single – “The Fire” – for the heartfelt fare-thee-well. Rock out with your tissues out.

(If the clip above doesn’t get you, the one after the jump will.)

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Miami Marlins New Logo & Uniforms (Video)

In my opinion the team should have always been named the “Miami Marlins” from the very beginning. Miami is the perfect market for that too….

“On November 11, 2011, the Marlins officially rebranded themselves the Miami Marlins with a new logo, uniform, and color scheme. The VIP event was held at the site of the new ballpark at night, featuring a private concert by Pitbull and a fashion show featuring the new uniforms worn by various Marlins players and coaches, including Guillén, Logan Morrison, Hanley Ramírez, and Josh Johnson.”

Moneyball (Trailer)

While I was sitting in the theater over the weekend waiting for Green Lantern to begin, the preview for the upcoming film ‘Moneyball’ came on. Due in theaters September 23rd, the film revolves around the struggling Oakland A’s Major league baseball franchise & one man’s attempt to change the franchise’s fortunes around. After watching the trailer I was excited to see this film starring Brad Pitt as it’s based on a true story story & book written by Michael Lewis.