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Freddie Joachim x Gyrefunk – “Ex’pressed” (Video)

Excellent find by the folks at OKP! This jazzy “Ex’pressed” instrumental is just… wow! The audio stream is embedded and linked below. Watch the visual above for behind-the-scenes insights offered by Freddie Joachim.

San Diego based DJ/Producer Extraordinaire Freddie Joachim came by Ex’pression College Emeryville while in town for a show. Freddie was able to work with local musician/producer Gyrefunk and add some acoustic touches to some of his production. Check out the track and the Artist in Residence video on our youtube channel to see inside the session!
– Ex’pression College


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The Future And Music Collectives (Video)

Very interesting. Music/culture collectives – already seen as go-tos for indie and underground (read: real) music and movements – could very well be controllers of the world of tomorrow. Time was, we went to other taste makers – deejays, radio, clubs, label imprints, print and video magazines – to learn what was new and worthy. Nowadays, largely enabled by Internet and mobile channels, we turn to curators who are independent themselves (e.g. not beholden to station management, programming consultants, the ‘charts’ or record/media manufacturers). Could it be that enough of us have turned away from old commercial channels that big name companies of all kinds who want to reach us reach out to Soulections and OKPlayers (and ehem JAYFORCEs) of the world? Real music, real culture from real outlets NOT begging or cowering for big ad bucks.

Could be. Check out the discussion above.

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Nobody Beats The Biz: At Answering ‘The Questions’ (Video)

Back in the day: Biz and the Beastie Boys balling half-court with Boo Yaa Tribe! Say that real fast five times. Then one more ‘gain to let it sink in. All that and more above. The Diabolical answers the OKP Questions. Fast clip full of great bits of Hip-Hop and 80s joy. Watch!

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Just Blaze On The Spot For This Edition Of OKP’s “The Questions” (Video)

Rap and EDM… the same thing? Water over Gin & Juice? What?! Just Blaze standing up. Answering ‘The Questions’ OKP tosses at him… that’s what! Check it out.

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Bad Rap (Documentary Trailer)

Shout to OKPlayer for sharing this innovative original effort – “Bad Rap” – about Asian-Americans’ foray into Hip-Hop.

This is a feature documentary about the obstacles and successes of Asian-American rappers, their history, and four friends coming up in the game.

You can help make this movie happen by contributing to the IndieGoGo drive here. They are doing well (over 80% funded) so far, but would certainly appreciate your support.

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Singer Erykah Badu Discovers Her African Ancestry (Video)

OKPlayer/OKAfrica captures Erykah Badu’s genetic journey back to her motherland. Turns out her ancestry is of a tribe in Cameroon. Watch. This feels right…to her and us. Erykah in America’ is more complete now that she knows her ‘Roots’ family.

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