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Robert Glasper Examines The Work Of Pete Rock & J Dilla (Video)

Whoooose world is this? Well, for the purposes of this clip, it’s Robert Glasper; but only because he is bringing the world of music making in Hip-Hop closer to you. Those sample sounds… where do the great producers get them and how do they use them so adeptly. Yep, Glasper is giving up some game.

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Big Boi Speaks On A Continually Making Music, Life As A Jedi Master Rapper, And Who Invented Trap Music (Video)

Yeah, man. So-called ‘trap music’ has been part of the rap music lexicon for a long while. But as far back as the beginnings of Big Boi? Strong argument to be made. Picked up that “Boomiverse” LP yet? Strong argument for doing that to be made, too.

We chopped it up with Big Boi to talk about everything from the newly released “Boomiverse,” to why Rico Wade is considered hip-hop’s Yoda, Dave Chappelle and more.
– Okayplayer


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Watch Rapsody’s In-Office Performance (Live) [Video]

“Laila’s Wisdom” drops this Friday, September 22nd. But good news for us, Rapsody & Okayplayer dropped off this footage of a free mini-concert of some old and new joints in advance of that. Bonus: I dropped that pre-order link for y’all below!

We’re live with Rapsody for an in-office performance ahead of the release of her album “Laila’s Wisdom” this Friday. Tune in!


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The Future And Music Collectives (Video)

Very interesting. Music/culture collectives – already seen as go-tos for indie and underground (read: real) music and movements – could very well be controllers of the world of tomorrow. Time was, we went to other taste makers – deejays, radio, clubs, label imprints, print and video magazines – to learn what was new and worthy. Nowadays, largely enabled by Internet and mobile channels, we turn to curators who are independent themselves (e.g. not beholden to station management, programming consultants, the ‘charts’ or record/media manufacturers). Could it be that enough of us have turned away from old commercial channels that big name companies of all kinds who want to reach us reach out to Soulections and OKPlayers (and ehem JAYFORCEs) of the world? Real music, real culture from real outlets NOT begging or cowering for big ad bucks.

Could be. Check out the discussion above.

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Nobody Beats The Biz: At Answering ‘The Questions’ (Video)

Back in the day: Biz and the Beastie Boys balling half-court with Boo Yaa Tribe! Say that real fast five times. Then one more ‘gain to let it sink in. All that and more above. The Diabolical answers the OKP Questions. Fast clip full of great bits of Hip-Hop and 80s joy. Watch!

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Bad Rap (Documentary Trailer)

Shout to OKPlayer for sharing this innovative original effort – “Bad Rap” – about Asian-Americans’ foray into Hip-Hop.

This is a feature documentary about the obstacles and successes of Asian-American rappers, their history, and four friends coming up in the game.

You can help make this movie happen by contributing to the IndieGoGo drive here. They are doing well (over 80% funded) so far, but would certainly appreciate your support.

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Public Enemy Frontman Chuck D Answers “The Questions” (Video)

On Okayplayer TV they run this segment called “The Questions.” The man with the answers this time – none other than Public Enemy No. 1 Chuck D! Shout out to the homie DJ Lord (Public Enemy’s DJ) in the background of this vid.

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DJ Premier On The Roots (Video)

The Roots… friends to the best DJs (just had a post with DJ Jazzy Jeff showing love to The Roots crew). Check out this clip a la OkayPlayer TV featuring DJ Premier speaking on his ties with the Philly Hip-Hop band and staple.

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OkayPlayer Interviews Ice Cube (Video)

OkayPlayer TV asks “The Questions” and Ice Cube answers.

Ice Cube of N.W.A., Boyz In The Hood and Friday fame answers “The Questions” in this Okayplayer TV interview, touching on his new movie Straight Outta Compton, squashing his beef with Common, the Kings Of The Mic tour with LL Cool J, De La Soul and Public Enemy–and more.’

OkayPlayer Channel

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Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah Speaks On The Music & Legacy Of Fela Kuti (Video)

“Chicago Bull’s center, Joakim Noah, whose father is tennis star and singer Yannick Noah, and whose grandfather is Cameroonian soccer star Zacharie Noah, grew up listening to Fela Kuti. In this piece, Joakim talks about Fela’s audacity to speak the truth on behalf of his people, Tupac as a new generation’s Fela, Noah’s gift for Obama, and the importance of knowing one’s roots.” – OkayAfrica

R&B: Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1 (EP)

After Miguel dropped that very dope “Adorn” record & video we were patiently waiting for his “Art Dealer Chic” EP to arrive, but he kinda surprised even myself in explaining that the EP will be a 3 song EP  with volumes 2 & 3 will dropping in March & April. The joints are also FREE EPs. That’s a surprise because as dope as “Adorn” was I’m positive people would have bought that joint. Check out the interview courtesy of Okayplayer above & download the Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1 below….

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Illadelph/matic (Mixtape)

DJ Mick Boogie put together a special mixtape featuring a unique mix of rarities and remixes featuring Nas and The Roots. Mick Boogie put the mix together for Madden Bowl 2012, part of this year’s Superbowl events in Indianapolis that take place on Thursday. Of course Madden Bowl 2012 will feature live performances from Mick Boogie, Nas and The Roots. Check the tracklisting, artwork, & Download the mix courtesy of under the hood below….


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