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Young ‘Yoga Warriors’ Fighting For A Better Future For Themselves (Video)

Providing focus and structure to our youth. Off the streets, out of trouble, onto a directed path of achievement; by getting onto the yoga mats. These kids are learning coping skills, and they are choosing ‘to live by choice, not by chance.’ Great stuff!

These teenagers in Baltimore are practicing yoga, meditation and martial arts to help them cope with emotions and control impulse actions. It’s part of Project Pneuma, which means ‘breath’ in ancient Greek, set up to support young black men in overcoming some of the barriers that might hold them back at school.
– Guardian US


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Prince – “Baltimore” feat. Eryn Allen Kane (Video)

Respect to Eryn Allen Kane for the gumption. Doing the work featuring on the ‘wake up people!’ jawn by Prince entitled “Baltimore” (we posted earlier on here) AND uploading the visuals for it to the Tube to spread the music and message. Check it out above. All about the people and the problem; it’s a tribute video. So, we don’t get the artists in here as much as a presentation of scenes and facts. But that is more than okay. Feels right.


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Prince – “Baltimore” feat. Eryn Allen Kane

“Peace is more than the absence of war.”

Let’s see what the Purple Rocker is dropping. This “Baltimore” (featuring Eryn Allen Kane)… pretty dope and timely. The song cries and cries out for those suffering brutality and injustice in the USA – Baltimore and beyond. Shared in the liner notes for this SoundCloud share:

Please know that all involved in this project never take for granted the privileges we have in this country. Let’s all continue to fight the good fight and confront inhumanity on every level until the day it is no longer.


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The ‘Quiet White Riots’ on the ‘Zo What Morning Show’ (Video)

Mass destruction, cars being flipped over, store fronts having their windows smashed from rocks being thrown.  Couches being burned with street lights being torn down and people brawling in the middle of the street.  This by definition would be described as Thug action, menace behavior destructive to American culture.  Well all of these things have happened after Kentucky college basketball team lost, a pumpkin festival in California, and any major city after a sports team wins a championship.  The funny thing is the media will describe this as mischievious behavior kids being kids.  While the actions that have taken place in Baltimore uprising and previously in Ferguson the same American citizens are labeled as Thugs, Criminals with destructive behavior.  One big difference the first group is white and the second black which makes all the difference dealing with Media.  Zo Williams along with guest Corey Holcomb and Dr Mark Ghoulston break this down in latest Zo What Morning Show!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Raekwon Speaks On His Ties To Drake, His Album “F.I.L.A.”, What’s Happening In Baltimore And More (Video)

Raekwon drops in on Ebro In The Morning at New York studios to talk about “F.I.L.A,” respect for the homies 40 and Drizzy Drake, the ebb and flow of his career, hood realities and perspectives being felt on the ground in Baltimore nowadays, and much more.

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J. Cole’s ‘Dollar & A Dream Tour’ Hits Atlanta, Baltimore, and Miami (Video)

J. Cole’s ‘Dollar & A Dream Tour’ – in support the “Born Sinner” album – is off an running. To start, Big Tigger brought Cole out to an off-the-meter Atlanta crowd. See footage from ATL and Baltimore above. From Miami after the jump.


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NFL Divisional Championships: The AFC + NFC Title Games

NFC:AFC Championship SundayIt’s the most important week in the NFL before SuperBowl XLVII takes place in New Orleans in two weeks. The San Francisco 49ers fly to battle the Atlanta Falcons here in Atlanta & the Baltimore Ravens drive up to the Boston area to see if they can muster a win for Ray Lewis for a SuperBowl return against the New England Patriots. There’s plenty of back story playing out as this maybe Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, & Tony Gonzalez’s last time in the NFL. Only Ray Lewis has one SuperBowl ring. It’s down to the wire as the drama builds! Who ya got?! The games are on later this afternoon!  Make your picks now!

NFC Championship Game 3:00pm EST On FOX
Atlanta Falcons Vs. San Francisco 49ers     (49ers Are 4.5 Point Favorite)


AFC Championship Game 6:30pm EST on CBS

New England Patriots Vs. Baltimore Ravens    (Patriots 7.5 Point Favorite)

Rome Cee – ‘So Insane’ featuring Sean Price & Jay Mastermind

New joint from Baltimore MC Rome Cee. The B-more hip hop scene is one that is starting to spread more as time goes by, as hip hop is the counter culture to the more popular House music. This joint is tough and Sean Price gets busy.