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Roy Wood Jr. Asks: How Racist Is Boston? (Video)

HA! Of all people to send to ask the question. Roy does know his racism (talking about it in his stand-ups, esp. his experiences coming up in Alabama). Let’s see what he finds out.

Roy Wood Jr. visits Boston to find out why it has a reputation as one of the most racist cities in America.
– The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Snitch Cop: Money Is a Powerful Motivator (Video)

Even though it’s like a promo trailer for his standup special (“No One Loves You”), it’s good we did not get wind of this clip until AFTER the Roy Wood, Jr.’s show on Comedy Central. The gig was hilarious on its own; just like this video.

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‘The Daily Show’ Special Report: White People Can Subscribe To ‘Safety Pin Box’ And Get Woke (Video)

A hundred dollars, and she would pay $150 without flinching, to subscribe and get woke. Yeah, worth typing up twice. And this video will have you watching twice. Enough chuckles, courtesy Roy Wood Jr. Funny, with some good points tossed in for flavor.


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Politics/Comedy: Clapping Back For Jemele Hill, Roy Wood Jr. Has Jokes (And Ideas) For The White House And ESPN (Video)

Roy Wood, Jr. You, sir, are a FOOL for this one. But so on point. Great segment, and an instant classic clip for ‘The Daily Show.’

Roy Wood, Jr. unpacks a White House official’s call for ESPN to fire anchor Jemele Hill after she called President Trump a white supremacist on Twitter.

I bet Jamele is cool people, even if she did straight diss the beloved ‘Awful Waffle’ (ahaahahaaa)!


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‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Makes Fun Of His Very Serious Emergency Room Experience (Video)

So, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, had to have an emergency appendectomy just days ago. See his comical recount of what was a f#cked up emergency room experience. Besides the ‘waiting room’ shot, this was my fav quip from the above clip: Asked for more info to fill out endless forms while in excruciating (near blackout) pain, Trevor responds,

“What more information do you need, other than the fact that I’m dying?”

Ever a political hot topic in the U.S., many always bring up the fact the MANY nations abroad provide free/better healthcare than America’s. But you may have wondered if folks from other countries say U.S. healthcare is better somehow. Well, let’s hear from someone who has now experienced both.

Play the clip. Laugh through the pain. Welcome back, Noah. Get better soon.


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