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Common x The Sesame Street Muppets – “Respect” (Give It, Live It) [Video]

Usually only get Sesame Street infused with Hip-Hop when YouTubers take it upon themselves to do their own mashups. But this is cool. Push down that urge to judge it as corny and get the message and where it is aimed: Children (and parents) need this plain & simple direct messaging on RESPECT.

Messaging and respect. That’s as Hip-Hop as it gets, folks. Kudos to Common and all the Muppets on the Street for representing good values.

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Classic Clips: Stevie Wonder – “Superstition” (Live On ‘Sesame Street’) [Video]

Stevie being the genius that gave us “Superstition” is enough. But seeing him do it live… Okay, that’s incredible; and enough, to be certain. But what will make your Sunday and New Year wonderful is that Stevie Wonder rocked ‘Sesame Street’ live with that joint!

It was like a funk & soul clinic for the kids: Talk about a Children’s Television Workshop!

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A Tribe Called Quest x Sesame Street x Muppets – “Scenario” (Video)

Man #SpeakLifeToPhife whenever you get a chance. And this Muppetized “Scenario” visual gives us one more chance to do so. Click play and let it happen. Get damn AMPED when you see/hear the Dawg set that joint off. First up to bat forever!

(Keep it hood. Sesame Street stand up!)

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Sesame Street: Janelle Monae – “Power of Yet” (Video)

You just didn’t get it…yet…
Janelle Monae, On The “Power of Yet”

Don’t you just love Janelle? If not, too bad. We do. And apparently the kids do. PBS and Sesame Street certainly had to love the work she put in for them on this!

If you believe in yourself, you’ll get there. That’s the power of yet. You might not be ready for outer space yet, but just work hard and keep your eye on the prize and you’ll get to where you want to be!

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The Muppets – “Sesame Street” (Jimmy Fallon x The Roots Remix) [Video]

MSN hit the nail on the head: ‘Jimmy Fallon + The Roots + ‘Sesame Street’ cast = pure awesome!’ Check out this version of the “Sesame Street” theme featuring Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and a host of Muppets from the PBS Television series. With The Count counting it down at the start and a verse from Black Thought…nice!


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Sesame Street: Boardwalk Empire (Video)

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is my favorite show on television these days. The popularity of the show has even the characters of Sesame Street parodying the 1920s gangster series set in Atlantic City. Check out this kid friendly version of Boardwalk Empire called “Birdwalk Empire” featuring characters such as Nucky Ducky Thompson & “Clucky” Luciano. . At least this particular parody is waaaaay more toned down than the high-powered gangsta of M.O.P.’s ‘Ante Up’ Sesame Street clip below…..
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