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Comedian Billy Crystal Delivers Funny And Touching Eulogy For Muhammad Ali (Video)

Muhammad Ali. He is gone, but he will NEVER die. Billy Crystal speaks TRUTH as he lovingly eulogizes the man who called him his “little brother” ever since they bonded decades ago. Watch the clip above of comedian Crystal at Ali’s homegoing. After the jump, see the “15 Rounds” performance that so impressed The Greatest early in life.

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Comedy: Mike Epps Gives Action Bronson ‘The Ghostface’ (Video)

Baaahahaaa! Okay, ‘Day-Day’ is stupid!

“…don’t ask for no more of my donuts…NONE OF THAT SH!T…You’re like a big red leprechaun…you ate my snacks, Action…you done f#cked up…”

Mike Epps lampooned the beef-with-Bronson video Ghostface Killah posted weeks ago (in response to off-handed remarks Action Bronson made during an ESPN guest appearance). That was awkward. This is hilarious!

(More silliness after the jump.)

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Did You See Maya Rudolph’s Impression Of Rachel Dolezal? (Video)

Skkkrrrrr! Screeching halt to everything! Rachel Dolezal gets the Maya Rudolph treatment. Maya has done some epic comical impressions (on NBC’s Saturday Night Live back in the day); but this timely gem…WOW! Nothing formal, a ‘spontaneous’ demo at the request of host Seth Meyers. Well, the wig was there; so why not??

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