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Comedy: Kevin Hart Explains The Difference Between ‘White’ & ‘Black’ Strip Club Culture (Video)

I agree with Kevin Hart 100% on this & have even said the same thing on my Twitter page. All strip clubs are not created equal. I don’t discriminate when it comes to women, but I do tend to avoid the “white strip clubs.” Hahaaa

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T-Pain Talks About Spending Over $2.4 Million Dollars In Strip Clubs (Video)

Daaaaamn! T-Pain wildin’ (hope that money’s pilin’)! I mean… What man doesn’t like going to strip clubs every now & then to have a drink with friends? But even a multi-multi-millionaire or even a billionaire has gotta say to himself, “There’s no way to make sense of spending millions of my dollars in strip clubs! I gotta chill.” And what about buddies? Ain’t no other ballers rolling with him to throw some piles on all them azz taxes? And what about wifey? Pain said she likes to go, too. Cool; no doubt, very cool. But ya gotta wonder if she ever nudged her man on some save-some-for-Mami’s-g-string *ish. Hmmm, wifey’s a cutie (see after the jump). Wonder where she’d fit on the Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix?

Check out the full interview from New York’s at Hot 97. Fun watch.


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The Top 5 Strip Clubs In Atlanta According To Waka Flocka (Video)

His list is very interesting because I’d have to agree with about 90% of what he said except the food part because I rarely order food at strip clubs. I found it funny he put Follies at number one because I find myself in Follies more often than any other spot in the city lately. Me & some friends used to go to Follies alot before most people even really knew about it, but things have changed in 2014.

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