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Intentional Act Of Kindness Earns Kids A New Friend, Clothes, Cash & A Special Visit (Video)

That is exactly how human beings are supposed to interact with one another… It’s not more complicated than that… Somebody’s having a hard time, and you help them.

Tearjerker alert. Mondays are Mondays. Watch this though. You WILL get hit in the feels. And you can blame Ellen and Will for ‘chopping them onions’ and ‘making your eyes rain’ as they celebrate these kids and their awesomeness!



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Sarah Silverman Tries To Find A Date With ‘Tinder Live’ (Video)

Daaaang, Sarah Silverman can’t find a date out here in these streets?? It’s hard on the boulevard for real, huh? Well, maybe Ellen can help Sarah get cuffed up before the season have her out there ‘ucked up all cold & lonely.

(Oh, it’s a funny clip. Don’t you worry. Plus, Sarah is very cute. She gone be alright.)


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Meet The New Principal Of Newark’s Westside High School, Akbar Cook (Video)

Ellen always comes through with the great ‘feel good’ stories. This one on the brother Akbar Cook certainly ranks near the top of that stack. Watch.

Ellen sat down with Akbar Cook, Principal of a Newark, New Jersey high school, who after noticing at-risk students being bullied for dirty clothes, worked hard to install washing machines and dryers so the kids could do laundry. After hearing his story, Ellen teamed up with her friends at Cheerios to help Principal Cook continue to do good and support his “babies” at school.

Take care of the babies, Akbar. Our babies! And bless you, Ellen, for shining the light on this.


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Tiffany Haddish Gets Dream Gifts From Ellen For A Happy Belated Birthday (Video)

Dream gift… sorta. But it’s as big a deal as you make it. And trust that Tiff KNOWS how to receive a gift!

That top though. Hella sexy ensemble to highlight the hella sexy comic/actress/star that set ’17 on fire and is still burning bright!


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Kanye Keeps It Real With Ellen (Video)

Kanye West went School Of Life professor on Ellen’s audience. Teach! As much as clips show up across the ‘webs of Yeezy going loose cannon, from Kanye’s canon (delivered in clips like this) folks could really learn to live life with passion. Passion that he speaks AND demonstrates…

I care about people. I care about… My Dad lived in homeless shelters less than five years ago… to find out he’s a psych major. My Mom was the first Black female chair of the English Department of Chicago State University. I was raised to do something; to make a difference!
Kanye West

Check out a clip of Kanye’s sit-down with Ellen. More after the jump.

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Comedy: ‘Ellen’ Invites U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders To Dance To “Hotline Bling” (Video)

Ellen got her hands on the Presidential candidate’s new campaign ad.

HAAAHAHAHAAAA! Campaign More like most awesome dance video ever! How does Ellen keep a straight face setting up these clips for the audience, knowing in advance the hilarity that is about to ensue? Feel The Bern, as Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders shakes his toucas to Drake’s “Hotline Bling!”

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Comedy: Kevin Hart Explains The Difference Between ‘White’ & ‘Black’ Strip Club Culture (Video)

I agree with Kevin Hart 100% on this & have even said the same thing on my Twitter page. All strip clubs are not created equal. I don’t discriminate when it comes to women, but I do tend to avoid the “white strip clubs.” Hahaaa

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