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Being Sean: Truly Thankful

Very appropriate post from the homie Sean. Might make even the most ‘Hotep’ among us call this time of year ‘THANKSgiving’ at least once…

As I get older holidays are taking on a different meaning for me. When I was a kid Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year days meant toys and food. As a teenager it became gifts and food. As a young adult it became girlfriends and a different type of gift (heh, heh), oh and food of course. As a real adult with a daughter it became toys and food again and now that she is a teenager it has become something different and that is appreciation of who I am and what I have. With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to take the time to write a piece on what I am thankful for. First… (More at

Snoop Dogg feat. Shirley Ceasar x Battle Cat – “U Name It” (Video)

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Turkeys Have Doubled In Size Since The 1940s (Video)

Okay, if you are planning on eating a big azz turkey for the holidays, you may not want to watch this. But, of course, now you feel like you HAVE to watch, right?

The Thanksgiving turkey on your table looks nothing like the one your grandparents ate as kids.

But bigger does not always mean better. When it comes to turkeys nowadays, it’s probably rarely going to mean better; especially when you learn the how and why your holiday turkey is so huge. Maybe spend a bit more to get a turkey raised the old-fashioned way. Maybe…

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Fat Joe Released From Prison In Time To Surprise His Daughter For Thanksgiving (Video)

Ha! Almost walked by him. Gotcha!

This is truly in the spirit of the season. Fat Joe, having gone up a few months ago for tax evasion charges, got out just in time for Thanksgiving. A pleasant surprise for his daughter. Check out the Instagram video of his daughter above; and see what being thankful looks like. Touching…

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Sean Price Goes Food Shopping For Thanksgiving (Video)

Sean Price has some last second menu items to pick up for his favorite holiday in the video above. However, P going shopping ain’t like the low-key-get-in-and-out shopping you and I do for last minute groceries…

She don’t even see me… I’m a loaf of bread right now…  I’m camouflaging myself right now…”

Sean Price

See? Hilarious. Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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