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Lifestyle: Hitting The Road To Get The Latest Fits… If The Price Is Right (Video)

Team Williams trooped on up the highway to get some serious outlet shopping done. Mind on those going through the recent hurricane on the trip (prayers and well-wishes). Check out how Team Williams (with Gabby getting better) does it… BIG!

Team Williams is outlet shopping at The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta, in Woodstock, GA!
Here at Mens Inc we will feature outlet shopping for DEALS and STEALS and how to save money at retail stores for brand clothing and shoes.
– MENS Inc.

The channel actually does not premiere until January 2020. But if you are down with (thank you), you don’t have to wait! You’re welcome for that, by the way.

Now, you know what to do next: Click the like on the video, share, and subscribe today!!

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Business/Technology: Amazon ‘Just Walk Out’ Shopping (Video)

We stay on the trends that matter to us and, in so doing, we watch history being made. Case in point: Check out the in-store mapping (IndoorAtlas) article we posted on here a few years back. And wait for it…

Told you so! WHAT?!! Not only is Amazon coming out with a store that can track you, you likely desires, and product selection decision (indecision) choices… but you don’t even have to wait in line or do the computerized check-out. You ‘Just Walk Out’ maaaan. Amazon knows who you are, what you finally decide to buy; and charges you for the total when you walk out the store!

And this is not still ‘conceptual’ either. AmazonGo store #1 is coming to Seattle (Washington, USA) early 2017.


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Sean Price Goes Food Shopping For Thanksgiving (Video)

Sean Price has some last second menu items to pick up for his favorite holiday in the video above. However, P going shopping ain’t like the low-key-get-in-and-out shopping you and I do for last minute groceries…

She don’t even see me… I’m a loaf of bread right now…  I’m camouflaging myself right now…”

Sean Price

See? Hilarious. Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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