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‘The Therapist’ Talks To Joey Bada$$ (Video)

All is love…

But sometimes we are just too far down to feel its warmth. We need help sometimes. Sometimes, we need help to learn that we need help in that way.

I like the way the doc inches into the depths with Joey at the start. Joey being allowed to talk. Talking to somebody, esp. a professional, is a good thing… that can bring us back to better things (like full wellness and good mental/emotional health).

Joey Bada$$ grapples with the suicide of friend and fellow rapper, Capital Steez.
– Noisey


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Comedy: Trying To Get That Old Thing Back? Curtis And Vivica Go To Couples Therapy On ’50 Central’ (Video)

This could have gone any number of ways, and Fif ‘n Viv played havoc with all of them… a little jokey-jokey, some gangsta sh!t, some a lot of sexual innuendo.

After years of separation, the two moguls enter the same room for a therapy session and things get a little dangerous.
– BET Networks

Bwaaahahaa! Viv was about to “Set It Off” (caught that?) on 50 Central… Whoa! Put the knife DOWN!

Besides… I see you… keeping thangs tizzight, Ms. Fox. I’m saying though. Maybe 50 don’t want that thang-thang, but I know a dude who wanna see about it (raised my hand, hoping to raise my… heh… nevermind).


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