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‘The Therapist’ Talks To Joey Bada$$ (Video)

All is love…

But sometimes we are just too far down to feel its warmth. We need help sometimes. Sometimes, we need help to learn that we need help in that way.

I like the way the doc inches into the depths with Joey at the start. Joey being allowed to talk. Talking to somebody, esp. a professional, is a good thing… that can bring us back to better things (like full wellness and good mental/emotional health).

Joey Bada$$ grapples with the suicide of friend and fellow rapper, Capital Steez.
– Noisey


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The Therapist Speaks With Prodigy Of Mobb Deep (Video)

Right from the start, this interview with the dope departed emcee Prodigy, will have you re-rethinking that single off his solo project (“Pain”). P made pain his friend. Deep. Mobb Deep.

Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep discusses living with Sickle Cell Anemia and receiving supernatural spiritual messages.
– Noisey

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Noisey Bompton: Growing Up With Kendrick Lamar (Parts 2 Through 6) [Video]

Yessir! This is the rest of the K.Dot & Compton mini-doc “Bompton” from VICE Noisey. You might want to take a look at the Part 1 post (here) before hitting play above for Part 2. Parts 3 through 6 are after the jump. Incredible insights on the man who is currently considered to be the man in Hip-Hop by many today.


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Pusha T Responds To People’s Comments About Himself, “Grindin'” And More (Video)

It’s The People vs. Pusha T. Some People come with kind comments; but others come his the hard cracks on the 2002 instant classic “Grindin’.” Casio beat…really? Struggle braids…really? Haaaaaaa!

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Noisey Bompton: Growing Up With Kendrick Lamar (Part 1) [Video]

Surely you did not think it was a game when we said that Kendrick Lamar said he would rep Compton for life, did you? He got the Key To The City and he’s still locked in! Well, Noisey is dropping six parts of proof for the last one or two of you doubters out there. Yep, VICELAND Noisey sent one of their Whitest reporters out to the Blood side of Compton (that’s Bompton) to talk to K.Dot and give us perspective on the hood love he gets now and what it was like “Growing up with Kendrick Lamar.” Hood pass granted!

Compton, California, is one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated locales, the birthplace of acts like N.W.A. and, more recently, Kendrick Lamar. It’s also home to a complicated gang culture. ‘Noisey Bompton’ centers around Kendrick Lamar and the friends he grew up with on the West Side of Compton, many of whom feature on the cover of his album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly.’ In the first of six segments, we sit down with Kendrick to talk about his acclaimed albums, pay a visit to his high school, Centennial, and get to know his childhood friend Lil L.

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Ice Cube x O’Shea Jackson Jr.: Father And Son Talk About Son Playing His Father On Screen (Video)

Cube couldn’t see ANYONE other than his son, O’Shea Jackson, Jr., play him in the new N.W.A. biopic, “Straight Outta Compton.” And Jr. came to realize that if he didn’t, he was risking another actor messing up his father’s story on the big screen. Locked! In this Back-And-Forth discussion, father and son Cube discuss how their emotions really came to bear in the movie-making process and more. Great watch!

(See how at the end Jr. is hinting at taking on other roles already? Yeah, he’s got the bug!)

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HBO First Look: Straight Outta Compton (Video)

Are you ready for this? This Friday? Whether you are or not N.W.A. is coming…Straight Outta Compton! But before the August 14, 2015, theatrical release, how about a 10-minute behind-the-scenes sneak peek?

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Statik Selektah Talks With Joey Bada$$ About Being Categorized By Critics, Earlier Days In His Career And More (Video)

Joey Bada$$ and Statik Selektah chit-chat at the Fresh Island Festival in Croatia. Stat is directing the convo about how music critics box Joey into the ‘pure throwback emcee’ category (like he can’t flow in present time), about how the two met up and got down musically back in the day, about Joey worshiping idols like Jay-Z, TLC and more.

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Hip-Hop In The Holy Land: Meet The Palestinian Godfather Of Rap (Documentary)

Comparisons to the tensions in Chicago were drawn with that Chiraq documentary episode we posted on here. Well, now let’s go East to a hotbed… for tensions and conflicts, yes, but Hip-Hop, too? Check out this expo on the rap scene in Israel and Palestine, including an intro to Tamer Nafar, co-founder of DAM (Da Arabian MCs), the first Palestinian rap group to break through.

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Russell Simmons And Rick Rubin Continue The ‘Back And Forth’ Speaking On Beastie Boys And More (Video)

“It’s what the f##k geniuses do!”
Russell Simmons (on Rick Rubin)

You heard him: Rick Rubin wrote lyrics with the Beastie Boys… too! Pretty much a Mister Everything in the Hip-Hop landscape, Rubin and his founding partner [of the legendary Def Jam Recordings label] (Russell Simmons) continue their back-and-forth convo with Noisey. We posted Part 1 on here earlier. Enjoy Part 2 above now.


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Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin, Founders Of Def Jam Recordings, Speak On The Early Days, The Clubs, ‘Radio’ And More (Video)

Two music pioneers, on Noisey’s Back & Forth series, speaking on the 30th Anniversary of the legendary Def Jam Recordings. Founders Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin talk about the early days of the label, their first twelve-inch release, LL Cool J’s hit “Radio,” and LL Cool J’s involvement with Run-D.M.C. and so much more above.

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Prodigy and Alchemist Go ‘Back & Forth’ about ‘NY vs. LA’ While Reminsicing at the ‘Brisk Bodega’ (Video)

“I thought [Alchemist] was a Fed… I thought they sent the Feds to investigate us.” – Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)

…and that’s just how this crazy talk started. Nifty clip of Prodigy and Alchemist talking about New York versus LA living, their beginnings together and more. Brought to you by Brisk Bodega partnering with Noisey, Vice’s music channel.

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Action Bronson Performs For A UK Retirement Home (Video)

“And now I’m gonna hand out Chocolates…” Hahahaaaa!!!!

Noisey UK, a VICE channel, arranged a surprise visit and PERFORMANCE for St. Hilda’s senior living facility…from Action Bronson! So, of course, he dropped that hot “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” on them.

Stop laughing. If you can… but several in the audience liked the beard. And (if you ask Bronson) he rocked that show! Forget Coachella… St. Hilda’s is the venue!

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