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50 Cent Enters Partnership To Produce An Animated Version Of The “Trill League” Graphic Novel (Trailer)

VERY interesting. Could this be a ‘move over Justice League‘ situation in the making? 50 is on fire with his studio production moves (which reminds me, the last episodes of “Power” just started Sunday… gotta get on that).

I saw a reviewer post a video on “Trill League” on YouTube and went looking for a trailer on an ‘official channel.’ This one above is as close as I could get to that. Looks like this teaser has been floating around on the Tube for years. Now, it’s getting ‘real.’

Trill League, an animated series based on Anthony Piper’s graphic novel, is a combination of superheroes, anime, and Hip-Hop culture. Piper is co-creating, writing, and executively producing the series with Jameel Saleem (Disenchantment, Whiskey Cavalier). The executive producers are 50 Cent and Jermaine Johnson of 3 Arts Entertainment, which is producing the series with 50’s G-Unit Film & Television in association with Lionsgate TV.
– Black Enterprise


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It’s Actually 50 Cent Responding To These Online Comments (Video)

Maaan, somebody get your man Curtis. Crazy hilarious! Check out 50 Cent trolling (sorta) and responding online on most all the popular social networking sites.

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50 Cent ‘Reviews’ Jay-Z’s Album “4:44” (Video)

50 Cent called Jay-Z’s album “4:44” golf course music? Felt ‘Carlton Banks’ ish about it. Bahaaaa!

(C’mon, the album was good; but so is Fiddy’s comedic jabs. It’s okay, you can laugh.)

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Rachael Ray Surprised By Her Celeb Crush 50 Cent And Introduces Him To Her Mommy (Video)

Maaaan, 50 moves in and out of urban and crossover worlds so easy it’s like his mutant power. Watch the Hip-Hop Nightcrawler bamf over to Rachael Ray’s set to get some love from the audience, the happy host, and her moms!

Rachael Goes Wild When Her Celeb Crush Surprises Her For 2,000th Show! He Made. Her. Day.
Rachael Ray Show

Work it, Fif. This is how you build that ‘big rich town’… connections! #Power


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Comedy: Trying To Get That Old Thing Back? Curtis And Vivica Go To Couples Therapy On ’50 Central’ (Video)

This could have gone any number of ways, and Fif ‘n Viv played havoc with all of them… a little jokey-jokey, some gangsta sh!t, some a lot of sexual innuendo.

After years of separation, the two moguls enter the same room for a therapy session and things get a little dangerous.
– BET Networks

Bwaaahahaa! Viv was about to “Set It Off” (caught that?) on 50 Central… Whoa! Put the knife DOWN!

Besides… I see you… keeping thangs tizzight, Ms. Fox. I’m saying though. Maybe 50 don’t want that thang-thang, but I know a dude who wanna see about it (raised my hand, hoping to raise my… heh… nevermind).


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Kanan’s Nudity On “Power” Surprised 50 Cent… And His Aunt Geraldine (Video)

The opening theme of “Power” focuses on coming from the ‘poorest part’ of a ‘big rich town’… Well, show creator Courtney A. Kemp didn’t tell producer and star Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (playing the arch enemy, Kanan, on the show) that his private ‘part’ would be prominently featured in episode four of the hit series.

Bad move. The bad blood caused by that surprise full frontal shown on-screen still lingers to this day. Fiddy has learned to joke about it, but we’re not sure about his auntie Geraldine. We can only hope she’s calmed down. Ha!

Watch. You gotta.

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50 Cent Interviewed By Lee Hawkins for Wall Street Journal (Video)

In depth interview with 50 Cent. Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins directs the conversation – during which 50 Cent shares insights on musical, business, and nonprofit aspects of his life. Topics include his boxing promotion company, his dealings with Floyd Mayweather, conflicts he’s had play out in the public eye, his benevolent ventures (i.e. World Food Program) and much more.

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Danny Brown Speaks on 50 Cent Trying To Get Him To Stop Wearing Skinny Jeans (Video)

This is a funny story from Danny Brown’s interview on Last Call With Carson Daly. Detroit emcee Danny Brown speaks on the time he met 50 Cent & the opportunities Fif gave him, but says that 50 Cent couldn’t get around his penchant for rocking skinny jeans among his other questionable fashion choices. Honestly I dig Danny Brown’s music, but I don’t like his fashion choices either. Not saying the brotha should dress up like a hardcore thug or nothing, but sheehz! Hahaa!

50 Cent – “What Up Gangsta Part 2”

50 decides to take it back to the “aggressive content” & energy of his debut “Get Rich Or Die Trying” album with part two of one of his most popular songs that his fans dig especially while out on tour. What Up Gangstaaaaaaaaaa…..Part Duex


50 Cent: The Origin Of Me (Preview)

I’m gonna have to remember to set the DVR on this joint. 50 Cent retraces his roots back 200 years to South Carolina & discovers more valuable information about his family’s history…..The show premiers Monday May 23rd @ 9pm EST on VH1.