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New ‘Bumblebee’ Transformer Movie Features Iconic Yellow Volkswagen Beetle Vehicle Form (Trailer)

Not mad at this at all. Feels like this flick’s storytelling will move closer to the comics and old cartoons. Good stories, maybe enough to pull a good movie from. When the Transformers emerged from 4 million years stasis on Earth, Bumblebee was a key figure. Though not the biggest or strongest, he was often entrusted with important spy missions, with protecting the Witwickys (Sparkplug, who helped discover a fuel conversion process for the Autobots, and his son Buster)… plus he could SWIM (comic fact-checking by ojones1, so y’all can ‘at’ him if you wanna argue, hahaaaa)!

Of course, Hollywood won’t stick to the 80s story too tight, but this still could make for a good holiday film.

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Watch A Real Life Transformer… Transform! (Video)

Transformer crazy nowadays, right? Especially with “The Last Knight” movie trying to blow up summer box offices. Well, whenever we get hold of something in the life-imitates-art department regarding Transformers, best believe it’s going up on here. Viola! An update from MSN on some real-life Transformer tech we posted on a while back. They (you know, the ‘powers that be’) must want to make it hard to embed and keep, so watch this while you can ASAP! Heck, the video we posted on here earlier already got yanked. Wonder if that means… Hmmm.

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Technology/Travel: A Look At 6 Futuristic Aircraft (Video)

Helicopters and airplanes from the future. Are we out of ideas about what they might look like? Well, sort of. See, these are no longer [just] ideas… Check out these flyers from the future, conceptual but no less real life!

6. The Transformer Aircraft
5. Aether Cruise Air Cruiser Ship
4. Future Russian Aircraft PAK-TA
3. P-791 Hybrid Vehicle
2. Thales Alenia Spaceship
1. NASA Morphing Aircraft

And the NASA craft… inspired by birds. If man was meant to fly, he’d have aircraft and he does so suck it hater of science and cool tech!


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Transformers: The Last Knight (Movie Trailer)

The new & possibly last Transformers film directed by Michael Bay hits theaters June 23rd, 2017. Famed actor Anthony Hopkins, who narrates the trailer, joins the cast starring Mark Wahlberg.


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A Real-Life ‘Autobot’ (Video)

Yeah, yeah. Call us nerds or geeks or whatever, but this sh!t is cool as… as… Transformers in REAL LIFE! Nothing cooler than that. This is sci-fi tech gone wild in the best way.

Turkish company Letvision recently unveiled “LETRONS,” a BMW that can turn into a giant robot. The company said it took a team of 12 engineers and four technicians at least eight months to create the transforming BMW.
– Huffington Post

Now, not saying this beats our battle robot stories BUT it’s dope nonetheless. A long way from those ‘pop up’ transforming funny cars at the tractor pulls at the Georgia Dome way, way back in the day. No shots. Just saying…

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Transformers: Age of Extinction (Second Trailer)

The 2nd theatrical trailer for the new Transformers movie teases everything you’re expecting by now… explosions, running, screaming… pretty girl running from explosions and screaming… Mark Wahlberg running from explosions and screaming… and bad azz robo-squabbles. Michael Bay film fan or not, this trailer will draw you in… especially since they have Optimus Prime RIDING A DINOBOT! In theaters June 27th


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Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Official Trailer)

After a couple of shorter trailers leading up to the Super Bowl, director Michael Bay & the makers of the fourth installment of the Transformers films give us more of the premise & of what we can expect when the new sequel hits theaters this summer. After viewing this trailer it appears this could be the darkest sequel of the Transformers movies that have up to this point grossed close to $3 billion dollars worldwide. Not only does the film appear to be grittier, but the fans will not find former lead actor Shia LaBeouf in the lead role in this one although producers have easily found a suitable replacement.

Mark Wahlberg plays a struggling mechanic trying to make ends meet to support his family when he makes a discovery in search for scrap auto parts. It turns out that one of the beat up vehicles he finds turns out to be Optimus Prime. There’s not much else given away in the storyline between the Autobots, Decepticons, & the adversarial government forces but from the trailer it’s clear the popular ‘Dinobots’ from the cartoon series will surface in the film. I’m looking forward to it when the film hits theaters June 27th.

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Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Super Bowl Trailer)

The Transformer’s franchise continues as Mark Wahlberg takes the lead character spot in upcoming film due in theaters June 2014. The Super Bowl last night offered a small sneak peak of what’s to come.


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Monsterpiece Theater – “Transformers” (Video)

Atlanta’s own The 5ive link up with Th_Basterds for the lead single from their new project “Monsterpiece Theater” that’s out now. Crispy looking video directed by Michael Escobar.

Cheetah Robot Sets World Speed Record For Legged Robots (Video)

The first thing I thought about after watching this video of a robotic “Cheetah” was the movie “Transformers” or something of that nature. More specifically I think of the Decepticon character “Ravage” that was a large robotic cat. Ironically tests are being done for the military for a variety of operations that will utilize something similar. Can you imagine what the next 20-50 years or so holds when scientists recreate robots that mimic living animals in the wild? Crazy. Read more about this under the hood below…..
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Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon (Official Trailer)

This looks like it will be pretty good! Opening day is right around the corner & I’ll be there watching on the IMAX. I hope this joint is better than the last Transformers film…..the last one was Basura!

DJ Jamad – ‘Afromatic’ (Mixtape)

DJ Jamad just dropped this dope mixtape inspired by the upcoming Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon movie dropping on July 1st. Dope song selection, mixing, & proper use of sound effects to draw a great audio picture.  Another beauty of this project is the right songs that reflect an proper audio soundscape relative to the Transformers, Robots, or just Artificial intelligence in general.  Overall the way it’s put together is flawless.  There are two parts to this mixtape so check out the tracklistings under the hood…. TRANNNNSSSSFOOOORRRRM!


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