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Rewind: Kendrick Lamar’s Breakout Performance in Atlanta 2011 (Video)

Before he was selling out The Tabernacle (historic concert venue in ATL) or playing Music Midtown, one of the largest festivals in Atlanta, a young Kendrick Lamar rocked the stage at the Masquerade back on April 2, 2011.  Well before his albums “GKMC” and “To Pimp A Butterfly,  young “KDot” made noise & grew his fanbase off of his mixtapes.  I was in attendance for this show along with my radio co-host Jayforce to see him perform.  We were guests for Kendrick’s show in part because our program The Beatz & Lyrics Show was the first show playing Kendrick’s music in Atlanta on a regular basis & we also conducted his first Atlanta radio interview. So naturally we looked forward to finally seeing him in person.  He did not disappoint it’s crazy to look back now because Ali, his famed engineer, was his DJ that night and his hype man was Schoolboy Q who at the time was only known by a few die hard TDE fans.  This particular show was Kendrick’s official breakout show in Atlanta when you knew he was going to be a star on a larger level.  Kendrick made a lot of fans that night and it doesn’t surprise me at all the success he has gained.  So check out this vintage footage I shot of him rocking the crowd before the albums, before the baby twist dreads, & before the worldwide acclaim.

More footage after the jump below…

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R&B Rewind: Horace Brown – ‘Things We Do For Love’

When Wu-Tang’s slick lyricist Raekwon dropped his ill Stop Trippin’ freestyle over R&B singer Horace Brown’s album track Trippin’ that we posted yesterday, it made me feel like going back & listening to a few other hot singles the Charlotte, North Carolina singer dropped back in the 90s. The 90’s was a great period for black music in general & Horace Brown had some dope ass gems with ‘Things We Do For Love’, “Taste Your Love”, & of course the very popular ‘One For The Money’. If you lived through that period in the 90s like I did I want you watch these joints to reminisce with me. If you’re just a little too young to know any better all you have to do is just pay attention & know that I’m putting you onto something dope. Check out the rest below….

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MTV Cribs Retro Rewind: Back To Redman’s Newly Renovated House (Video)

One of the greatest MTV Cribs segments EVER was when the cameras visited Redman at his Staten Island home. It was one of the most memorable & hilarious episodes on television. As we now are in 2014, MTV Cribs went back to Redman’s house to see how he has now upgraded & ‘Beyonce’d out’ his home since 2001. Some people may have laughed AT Redman back in 2001 when his hilarious MTV Cribs segment aired, but when you think of the hundreds of recording artists who went broke or filed for bankruptcy trying to impress fans on the show it’s clear that Redman was the true winner even if his home is rather modest. Redman’s humble home maybe entirely paid for at this point. In case you never saw the original episode I posted the link below….


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Rewind: Sting – “Desert Rose” (Video)

Had my itunes on shuffle on the plane ride back from Philly & this classic Sting song “Desert Rose” came on.  After not hearing this song in quite awhile it felt so good that I repeated it a few times. So much so I thought I’d bring the video up as a “Rewind” segment reminder to the rest of you of just how good this song is.

Rewind: Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over (Video)

Classic late ’89/90’s joint that felt good when I heard it again for the first time in years…Alot of great memories back in Philly from the period when this song was out. Wow…Had to post this up for an early Sunday Morning…

Rewind: Styles P – “Barbara” (Video)

With all these hip hop artists like Erick Sermon, Rick Ross, & just regular people I know running into so many health issues, I’m even more inspired to get more in touch with “Barbara”…..Gonna have to work her out more often.


Rewind: Anjulie – ‘Warrior’

Although this song dropped around the summer of last year its one of my favorites that I play on the iphone/ipod every now & then. It’s a great motivational record when working out or just to get your mind right before any task.  M.O.P. also does the trick for me too…yeah random, but you get the idea of where I’m coming from.  While we were getting ready for the radio show last Saturday night, we were videoconferencing with our homegirl Reenu who moved back to Toronto & her presence reminded me to repost this song again. Reenu sort of looks like the artist Anjulie too, who is also from Toronto, so it even more than solidified the inspiration for this post. Many of us in Atlanta’s music scene know Reenu to be a big supporter of local Atlanta artists, DJs, & all around good music so this is dedicated to our homie Reenu…..


Rewind: INI – Fakin Jax (Cookin Soul Remix)

After trolling around on Cookin Soul’s website we found this real hip hop classic they remixed too. We put the original ‘Fakin Jax’ produced by Pete Rock under the hood for all the real hip hop heads that remember the original version & those younger heads that don’t know any better…….


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Rewind: Nas – ‘2nd Childhood’ (Cookin Soul Remix)

I was inspired by one of our previous posts involving the ‘Cookin Soul‘ production team. A few years back they remixed some Nas joints & so I felt like hitting the REWIND & post a few of these joints before the weekend.