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Sorry Team Jordan, Tracy McGrady Is Picking Lebron James. Final Answer! (Video)

We agree with Tracy McGrady….. Fight us!

(Respect to Paul. He had his points. But Lebron had more points. Ha! PLUS he uplifts teammates. And he actually looks to pass the ball. But, you watch and decide, and do you.)

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Do You Know Mindfulness Coach George Mumford? Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Do (Video)

The best way to score is not to try to score… You form an intention and then you have to allow it to happen.
George Mumford

Not too far a stretch for two players coached by Phil Jackson to be into meditation. Jackson was known as ‘The Zen Master’ of course. However, this Daily VICE video is going to adjust the spotlight so it shines on the guy that really helped Air and The Heir Apparent to get their minds right, meditation guru George Mumford.

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Magic Johnson Explains Why You Should Never Talk Trash To Michael Jordan (Video)

Magic Johnson tells Jimmy Kimmel about the one time he chose to trash talk, playing against Michael Jordan, and how the great ‘other’ MJ made him and those on his team PAY!

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Michael Jordan: The Greatest Cry (A Fake ’30 For 30′ Trailer)

Waaahahaaaa! The meme game is mean mane. By now you’ve seen, heard, or seen AND heard about the latest of many many Jordan-crying memes. Instead of us trying to answer the ‘which one?’ why not just watch… and LAUGH… at the ‘official’ trailer for it.

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Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan: Basketball Competitors And Compatriots (Video)

Don’t be in a rush to find the next Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

But c’mon Mike. If folks were to name someone close, it’d be Kobe Bryant. Great clip. Once combatants; now steadfast friends. Looks like Mike is ‘b-ball big bro’ to Kobe. Hear what the two have to say about one another above.

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Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Move For Move (Video)

Okay, direct comparisons aside, have you ever directly compared Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan… move for move?

“Can’t we just agree that these guys are like phenomenal players and just move on?”

Nope! We gotta watch this cool montage of videos showing each mega-baller doing the same moves the same way; and appreciate NBA greatness mirroring NBA greatness!

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Michael Jordan’s Former ‘Dream Home’ Still Spruced Up For Sale (Video)

Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest NBA player of all-time, but he also has the dubious reputation for not having the best sense of style. There are a dozens of news pieces, websites, facebook, instagram, & twitter pages with names like… “What The F*k is Michael Jordan” poking fun at his fashion choices.  Even GQ magazine took shots at his style & taste after he was kicked out of a country club for his allegedly horrible choice of golf gear.  Some of the clothes he’s worn out in public have been so unintentionally ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if his former Chicago dream home wasn’t any different. Michael Jordan has been desperately trying to sell this luxury home for years and had lowered his price in 2012 from $29 Million only to subsequently fail getting it sold at auction for a minimum of $16 million last December. If the interior of the home was anything like his personal fashion sense PRIOR to putting this home on the market & hiring some professional interior decorators, that could have been a huge reason why he hadn’t found a new owner sooner coupled with that still hefty asking price.

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Phil Jackson Makes Controversial Comparisons On The Skills Of Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant (Video)

Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson has coached 2 of the greatest NBA players to have ever played the game. For years he’s dodged the primary question most sports fans & reporters have desperately wanted him to answer. Now that he’s making the media rounds promoting his new book, Phil Jackson is finally speaking out. Phil Jackson compares Air Jordan to the Black Mamba in the above video of his interview with Jay Leno. Jay referenced Jackson’s book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success (due out May 21, 2013; available for pre-order at Amazon) in guiding their talk in this direction. In it, and in the above clip, Coach Jackson declares that both Jordan and Bryant are world class competitors; matched up in several aspects, but there are key differences, according to one of the few men in the world who can really say so. Coach ‘Zen Master’ also talks about how he set up a meeting between the two and his near-return to the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench. Kobe recently took to twitter & didn’t exactly seem too pleased with his former coach’s comparisons.  I’d have to agree with Phil though….

More video after the jump below…..

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Comedy: Michael Jordan’s Wedding (Video)

NBC’s Saturday Night Live takes a shot at the recent high-cost, high society wedding of NBA great Michael Jordan to Yvette Prieto. The main ‘shooters’… Jason Sudeikis and guest host Zach Galifianakis played jugglers (Lee and Leslie Ocean from ‘Objects in Motion’) hired to perform at Jordan’s reception. Comedy ensues… with the two (and other ‘wedding guests’) poking fun at the newlyweds in the sketch clip above. Hilarious! Especially the ‘Dikembe Mutombo speech.’

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MC Lyte – “Jordan Effect” (Produced By Erick Sermon)

lyte_0One of my favorite female emcees of all-time, MC Lyte, gets busy over some tight production from Erick Sermon for this ‘Jordan Effect’ banger. Just like the Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier joint “XX8 Bars Of Kane” we posted days earlier, this is just another custom crafted banger released for the upcoming Jordan Brand “XX8 Days Of Flight” compilation celebrating the 28th edition of the sneaker Michael Jordan made famous.  The full project drops in February 15th during the NBA Allstar weekend in Houston.

Bobcats Rookie Walker Gets MJ Out His Seat (Video)

Charlotte Bobcats rookie PG Kemba Walker shakes up Larry Sanders on the Bucks and gets the and 1. Bobcats owner Michael Jordan can’t help but to get excited about his strong play early.

Heir Jordan: MJ’s Sons Launch Company (Video)

MJ’s two sons now play at the same University, Central Florida. Marcus, the younger of the 2 is the leading scorer of the team and Jeff is a senior transfer from Illinois. They started this new company and website to show people what their life is like.

Playboy Playmate Francesca Frigo Is Mars Blackmon (Video)

Playboy Playmate & Miss August 2010 Francesca Frigo channels Spike Lee’s classic Mars Blackmon commercials from back in the day for Playboy’s Top Ranked Nike Air Jordans cross promotion. Honestly don’t give a damn about the shoes….she’s some eye candy fellas. More pictures of the Playboy Playmate Francesca Frigo located at the link below….